Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay 

My dear sisters and mothers,
It’s a long way that we traveled since independence
During our journey along this path, you proved that Your courage and virgour has always been an epitome of persistence,
No matter what you faced or what you went through, You have overcome all resistance.
Your blood, sweat, and tears have been shed in retaliation against all forms of negligence.

You are the strength of our nation, You are our pride and sensation.
That warm look in your eyes
Contradicts that fiery spirit in you,
You demonstrated that one can be a responsible mother,
lovely wife ,home maker and nurturer As well as the forerunner of the society too.
Sometimes your dreams were lambasted, As if they didn’t matter.
Sometimes you were criticized for being who you are, Because you said no to what society has to offer.

You looked directly into the eyes of irrationality and curtailed it with your scintillating cogent Your life with all ups and down, Have always been candescent. When everyone felt lost you yourself made a path to lead the society to a new high. From battle grounds to nation building there is no field, Where you haven’t strived.
Your success have demolished, patriarchy’s pride.
Your empathetic leadership gave us courage to stride.

You are the revolution, You are the change.
You are the unrecorded history that sometimes became a victim of society’s disdain,
Despite that, you created your own reign.

Your love and sacrifice have moved all our hearts,
My dear women you all are the reason,
Why I feel being a women
Is a great responsibility and blessing from heaven.

.    .    .