Mobile which truly stands for Modified Operation by Innovations and Life Enhancement is a tool that was invented for communication purposes but with technological advancements and innovation, it has covered the pool of obstacles and reaches its height.

Mobile is an irreplaceable necessary thing in life. There was a time where mobile was a luxury status but today it is more than a want, it’s a need. Mobile phones have really changed the dynamics of life, connecting people anywhere anytime, face time calling, ordering clothes and accessories and nowadays even ordering food, it’s like the world in our hands.

With advancements in technology, phones have upgraded from phones to smartphones, upgrading the life of humans from happy and simple life to easy and fast life.

These mobile phones work on a signal basis. they receive and emit certain signals for functioning with the help of internal mobile circuitry and base stations. These signals are radio frequency (RF) signals or radiations. It is a combination of electrical and magnetic signals. These radiations to some extent are also present in the environment and space. They usually deal with atoms of an element and when received by the human body, it affects it too.

These radiation signals are of two types- ionising and non-ionising. Ionising radiations change the constitution of atoms while non-ionising radiations alter the functionality and behavioural pattern of the atoms

These radio frequency signals when absorbed by human cells, it changes their constitution or alters their pattern. When these signals modify the DNA structure of cells it leads to carcinogenic cells causing cancer in humans. The effect of these signals on the human body may not be visible in short term but it acts as a slow poison degrading and deteriorating the internal structure of the human body and making it emptily.

These radiations not only have physical effect on the human body but also psychological effects on human brain and mind.

The short term effect of these radiations emitted by phones is derma tissue damage due to excessive heat absorption. It results in rising temperature of an internal body or certain organs. The human body is a complex machine and is conditioned in a certain way for smooth functioning. there are certain organs in the human body that require a particular range of temperature for proper functioning, e.g., testes, eyes

When these organs absorb the radiation heat it impedes in their way of working.

The human brain is the most affected organ by this radiation both – physically and psychologically. The RF signals have an adverse effect on the human brain by altering brain activity, response time and also sleep patterns. Excessive absorption of these signals alters brain tissue leading to fatal conditions such as brain tumours and brain cancer.

It may also affect motor skills as these signals interfere with the signals sent by brain cells to perform any activity like lifting a book.

The brain development and nervous systems of children which is still under development also get affected by these signals leading to under-developed brain and thus other health issues.

The other effect of these radiations is seen on the skin. Human skin is in constant touch with mobile phones. It leads to various skin disorders such as skin cancer, contact dermatitis, rashes and other dermatological problems. High-frequency radiations can cause permanent damage to skin tissues.

Keeping the phone in the front pocket of the shirt can also lead to cardiac problems. These RF signals may also interfere with the working of medical devices such as pacemakers and obstruct in its operations.

Alteration of body cells, unstructured programming of DNA and modified cell operations by absorption of RF signals lead to breast cancer in women.

Constant use of smartphones and their emission of radiation may also lead to hearing disorders causing permanent ear damage

These RF signals not only affect the physical health of humans but also their psychological health. It changes the behavioural pattern, thinking ability, emotional quotient and sensitivity of mankind. Cognitive ability, intelligence are all altered by these mobile phones and their emissions. Overuse of smartphones during pregnancy can also affect the development of child inside the womb due to interference of radiation signals.

All these effects are non-reversible, which means once caused there is no going back. With the medical intervention, some of these can be abated but never destroyed from the root. As these effects of radiation interfere with the atomic structure of human body cells and their DNA, they are hereditary transferred from one generation to other.

Mobile phone shows an illusion of how easy life is with it but it hides some of its deepest secrets which are directly linked to human health

Every invention aims to make life easy but one must understand its actual usage and the consequences that follow with over usage of it. People must understand and make sure that they and their health do not become the prisoners of CELL phone