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Humans are having varied interests in diverse fields ranging from technology to fashion to art. But when it comes to public interest we are all having identical views, be it dealing with public interest issues or anything else alike we all ought to seek the best efforts from the governments, societies, and various other organizations. The extent of public interest issues provides us an insight into the prosperity and soundness of a country.

But what are the public interest issues? For this, we first need to understand the meaning of public interest. Public interest is a state of well-being of citizens of a country or society. And when the interests of the public are in jeopardy it is termed a Public Interest issue. Issues of the country are innumerable like social, economic, legal, environmental, technological, etc. all these have a significant impact on the general public.

Currently, if we talk about India, it is surrounded by different public interest issues. A country with hundreds of crores of the population where many continue to suffer even for basic facilities. The interest of many people remains at stake and the division of society into ‘haves & haves not’ has made the condition of society adverse. People are unable to access basic facilities namely sanitation, healthcare, clean water, etc just because they can’t ‘afford’ them or the government is incompetent to provide them with these requirements? The first interest of people that must be secured is access to basic facilities. Roughly around 6-7% of the population is below the poverty line and is unable to satisfy their primary needs. The foremost priority of the government must be the equitable distribution of resources. And for this, the arrangement of necessary funds should be the first step.

Secondly, India and the World are facing the problem of social alienation like racism, and discrimination on religious grounds where minorities are treated as ‘unfit’ for society. Their existence in the world is seen with utmost exasperation and are ill-treated malevolently. The first thing that we are is that we all are humans I don’t think it is significant to know to which caste the other person belongs. The idea of humanity must prevail and for this, no governments or organizations can do anything it all starts with a change in the perspective and mentality of people. The day we start seeing everyone as a human would be the day that would bring a revolution in the arena of mankind. Bringing reservation policies won’t make much difference if we are reluctant to change our mindsets. The interest of the public dies when the public is hesitant to accept the truths.

Also, gender bias which is another social evil has affected the development of people. Gender bias can be of various types like misogyny, patriarchy, etc but the result of all this is the same that is the exploitation of women. However, I believe that extent of gender discrimination is going to be reduced soon because of the advanced thinking of millennials.

Given the economic stability which is essential to serve the people of a country, India is not in a stable state. We are neither prosperous nor unpromising. But the reality is that we are still not using our capacities to the fullest. The most auspicious resource that India is having is the youth, brilliant minds with a lack of opportunities and support. Many of the ‘Educated Youths’ are unemployed and are forced to do unskilled work or to move abroad taking their talent to another country and affecting the public interest of their own country. But they’re not to be blamed here. A huge population, limitless competition, and some ineffective policies of the governments had forced them to take such steps. Here the government is not seen to be doing the best efforts for the people as the rich are becoming richer while the poor public continues to suffer for their basic needs. The interest of the common is also affected brutally due to various other reasons like inflation, corruption, lack of knowledge, etc. Due to this economic setback youths and their families are unable to afford education. Though government schools provide it for free the question is who will hire a senior secondary pass person in the formal sector? And for colleges not every poor can get access to scholarships or financial aid. So should they drop their dream of pursuing a job in the formal sector? India has to work a lot to secure the economic interest of the people. Corruption has also eaten up the interest of people, a phenomenon that leads to the demolition of a country. The greediness of people especially the government employees has made people pay more for the same work, this can only be tackled when everyone refuses to give a bribe and strict action against such people who ask for a bribe would be great.

One universal problem which largely impacts human life around the globe is the condition of the environment on the earth. It is deteriorating day by day reducing our life expectancy and leading to unmanageable diseases. There is a strong need to protect the surroundings as the human race is nothing without the atmosphere. If events like global warming, pollution, and the effect of radiation are not controlled soon it would lead to a catastrophe on this planet and then other human interests won’t be that useful.

However, if we consider all these factors; most of them are correlated to money. The one who is having money gets the opportunity to protect his interests and rights while others continue to struggle relentlessly. To ensure the protection of public interest the change starts within us, if we all try to change our views and emphasis we can solve most of the problems. Rest, the other things lie with the authorities like there should be proper governance and transparency in the system, equal number and degree of opportunities must be given to everyone without any kind of prejudice. Also, complete freedom of the press is needed so that what people want and what the governments are doing can be related to one another. Hence, every individual needs to adjust their methodology to initiate a positive change Through proper integration of human efforts we can achieve what no one has ever dreamt of. 

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