Hmm… What is productivity? You do something every day to make your life easier and get accurate results. No, that's not productivity. Your work is productive when you do it for yourself, and when all is said and done, you have a big smile on your face.

Being productive is not a matter of doing something every day and expecting the desired result. It's about what you will receive through it and if that particular strength and skills you put into the process paid off.

What is productivity, and how does it help people to become successful in life?

Success is a long-term investment that doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and effort to develop the skills to become successful. Some people are more talented than others and have the resources necessary to achieve their ‘productive goal’. Some people need more time to realize certain aspects of their ‘productive goal’. For example, for a writer, you need to find a niche to sell something. The architect needs to find their clients, a doctor needs to find their prospective patients, etc.

If success was a go-to target with easy steps, everybody would own their own business by now. So what is it that makes successful people so productive and nourishes their ‘keep going’ attitude? It is a combination of practice and determination. Practice makes perfect and determination is what gets you there.

Different techniques for being productive.

Here you will find three main techniques that will help you become more productive and successful;

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses: We always look toward all the fancy techniques to level up our standards. However, if you don't understand your capability, stop rushing toward things and start learning about yourself. Your skills, your talents, and your weaknesses are all valuable assets to set you off on the right foot. This is where you give yourself the time to learn new things and generate amazing ideas for your productive  goal.
  • Know how to use the 80/20 rule: The 80/20 rule is a very useful blessing that any ‘want to be successful’ persons use to increase their productivity. It is a simple rule that says 80% of your results and success come from 20% of your efforts. In simpler terms, you should focus on 20% of your giving and 80% on your receiving. 
  • Know your competitors and audience: This is a very important step to strategizing your plan and achieving the best results. You can be a student or an entrepreneur but knowing your opponents and their admirer's wants will help you achieve better results. Knowing your audience will help you to create a product or service that will be in demand. There are many ways to get to know your competitors and audience. You have social media, your network, and premium tools to research and analyze.

How does the productivity of people affect the growth of a nation?

The productivity of people affects the growth of a nation. In a good way, the productivity of the people can make a nation strong - economically and politically. However, productivity can also have a negative impact on growth and development as most people are not getting the right education and right facilities to fill in their needs. A nation will grow only if its people let it grow by keeping aside their stereotypes, prejudices and hatred.

How to be productive as a student?

As student productivity takes time, all the energy will be into sharpening your skills and talents. The priority as a student to become productive is by becoming a good learner most importantly a self-learner. Get excited to learn more things outside your syllabus. The internet will always be available, but books will help you to learn moral ethics and values and to organize your thoughts.

Not novels and magazines but real books that provide you with an actionable genre, where you will feel like putting those words into action. Educate, educate, educate… yourself. To build your own breakthrough skills you need information. Fill your cups, while you have the time to do it.

How to be productive as an entrepreneur?

Confidence, multitasking and the ability to manage time. A shout out to the entrepreneurs out there - you have ideas, resources, budget and employees who work for you. But you are stuck in that phase where you feel something is still missing which is understanding trends. 

Why spend so much when you can get a grasp by understanding today's trends? What your target audience really wants? What are the products that your customers engage most in? There are so many things you can research and find to strategize something new for your social media and other platforms.

How to be productive as an employee?

An employee is the backbone of the company and works diligently to set high standards for the company. Now different companies have different sets of rules and the only thing an employee can do to be productive is to understand the company’s standards and then work accordingly. You will be able to learn more and polish your skills to the next level. 

Why is the meaning of productivity different for everyone?

The meaning of productivity is different for everyone, and it may not be the same as what you think.

Productivity is not just about accomplishing tasks or getting things done. It's also about how you feel while you're doing it. Some people find meaning in their work and derive  satisfaction from the process of completing tasks, while others may find that their jobs are tedious and meaningless. This is why productivity means something different for everyone. 

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