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Whether or not you are into sports, you may be likely to equate exercising to Gym and Sports to recreation or directly becoming an athlete. Sports are a great way to feel refreshed and to play with your friends and family. There are a lot of people who enjoy a sport like a routine, like playing badminton, swimming, football, going horse riding or the most popular sport- Cricket.

A sport is played either by athletes to practice and prepare for a certain tournament or by anyone who is not an athlete but just enjoys going to the playground. Yes. Gully-Cricket is still a Sport. Park Shuttle-Cock is also a Sport. And guess what? They are also your exercise. You may like playing a certain game for various reasons. It may help you stay super active throughout the day. It may release all your stress. It may be a time you bond with your family. It may be the only meeting you get to have with your friends.

Talking about exercising, like said earlier, we usually think of going to the gym. But is it necessary even when there is an outdoor sport that you play that makes you feel equally exhausted? The answer is- if you're not an athlete and a normal healthy individual who has just made sports a part of his routine- you need not go to the gym if you find it boring.

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When we talk about physical activity, all that one needs is 30-45 minutes of any activity per day for about 5 days a week. And this includes your favourite sport. When you feel slightly exhausted, when you sweat, when you spend energy and when you also feel happy and rejuvenated, it indicates your body has gotten it's physical activity. Each activity expends energy in different intensities. You can either go to the gym or if you're a sports lover, just stick to that. You may even make it more fun by mixing up two sports like running on weekends and playing badminton in the week. Or a combination of swimming and cricket. Mixing up sports may work like mixing the various forms of workout because of the different muscles you would use in playing a particular sport.

Just make a 30 minute routine of your favourite sport on your terrace or in your lawn! And your fitness will be achieved or maintained!! It is advisable to take guidance from an expert or professional for proper techniques, forms, warm-ups, and cool-downs for whatever sport or activity you choose. This is important so that your fun and health sync up really well. Improper form while playing a sport can do more harm than good. 

Sports also may not mean your school or college necessarily having a playground with a basketball court. If you are interested in a certain sport, you must definitely consider going for it even if it means playing football in your colony or going for playing volleyball in a playground near your house. Having an interest towards playing a sport will help you in many ways. It will keep you fit, build your immunity, manage your weight, take away your stress, make you look a lot younger than your age plus sound like a cool skill you possess. Of course, some of you may think of a sport as more than just a 30-60 minute fitness or relaxation routine. It may be something you want to make a career out of. Something that you are truly passionate about. Which is even more interesting and inspiring. Who knows you could be the next Sports Star!? On a level like this, however, going go to the gym and having a personalized diet plan according to your sports type and your body requirements will be crucial. Here, it is not just for fun but the practice is attached to a goal and may go on for hours together which requires proper replenishment of lost sweat with the right fluids and food.

Even when you play a game just for fun or daily fitness, it is important that you have enough protein to repair the torn muscles, to replenish your salt and water stores that are lost through sweat, and a balanced and colourful diet to stay fit enough to have the energy to play!

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Apart from the physical health benefits, a sportsperson is always a very different person in a group of people. They have more than just a good-body benefit. They have a different perspective towards life that they get to learn through the sport. They are okay with losing a game. Understand that losses and wins are just a part of a sport that slowly reflects into their everyday life as well. That sports-maniac friend in your group will always be a fitness freak, will always be more disciplined, and will always have a lot more energy. A person who goes for a sport may not focus a lot on their studies at school or college but are still super sharp as their concentration skills get ultra-polished while learning how to play a game. They don't get easily bored while doing the same activity or practicing for hours together because they are focused on their goal and are ready to go to any extent to see their best sporty self.

If you are a parent, you must definitely encourage your child to play some sport of his choice as it will help his growth in various positive ways. And if you think you love sports but feel like you never got a chance since your school or college didn't quite have a good playground, you can still start. (Age and weight are just numbers.) Maybe not to play on a State or National Level but to just enjoy how it makes you feel. Even if the pandemic doesn't allow you to move out of the house, the balconies, the corridors, the terraces, the lawns, the gardens are always a sweet, small and great start. You will soon be building your expertise with playing the game, your fitness and of course, you will become happier than before. 

  • Fitness does not always mean the gym.
  • Enjoy your games and simply equate them to your day's physical activity or workout.
  • We have all heard the famous saying- "Padhoge, Likhoge toh banoge Nawaab. Kheloge, Koodoge toh Banoge Kharaab!" Well, good health doesn't agree with that saying. Eat nutritious meals and indulge in some physical activity as part of your daily routine.

Conclusion: Kheloge, koodoge toh bhi banoge Nawaab! Gym ain't the only way out! Stay home. Stay safe.

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