Comparing: an activity we do almost every day or several times in a day with a thought of getting better but without realizing that we're disrespecting our uniqueness and individuality, through it. Read that again, if needed, and think about yourself while you do so! I wouldn't say that it's the individual who's responsible for it! It's his/her environment! We often hear that good company, matters! Well, it isn't just a random phrase. It's the truth. No matter how controlled and composed we are, no matter how confident we are about our individuality, people we spend time with daily do have effects on us, whether we realize it or not! Let me remind you of how it all starts. It starts right from your school where all the students are competing for the 100/100 score or the 1st rank, even when your best friend gets a higher score than you, you have a tiny moment of disappointment and/or sadness. We all know the famous "Sharma Ji ka Ladka" example which means that Comparison is a deep-rooted thing we grow up with. Although competition is needed to better yourself, to get inspired by someone and grow yourself, more often than not, it turns into a pricking comparison than a healthy competition. If you think about it closely, the idea of Comparison itself is super funny. For example, take a very close circle. Just any one of your family members and You. Even in 2 members who belong to the same family, we can find a LOT of differences in their habits, likes, dislikes AND talents! Everything is literally different! You're not even same as your own parent-be it in the looks or traits, then HOW do you even think that you're gonna be similar to someone else? some stranger? some person you met at college? some person who became your colleague? some person who you fell in love with? some person who became your friend?

How can you be the same?

  • Did you exactly start the journey with the person you're comparing yourself with?
  • And assuming even if you did, were ALL your circumstances always the same?
  • Do both of you possess the same talents?
  • Do both of you have the exact same qualities with zero uniqueness about your ownselves?
  • I am sure, the answers are all NOs- Then why does Comparison even exist?

We compare our looks, our marks, our salaries, our body types, our houses, our talents, our partners, the kinds of work we do, our schools, our colleges, our workplaces, I doubt if there's anything where Comparison doesn't exist. But now that you've realized how wrong and funny it is, what can we do about it? Think about how many times, you've compared yourself to yourself? Well, this actually is a practical comparison. But even here, you need not be harsh to yourself! Forget about self-love, but if the agenda is to bring yourself down- you already have a huge audience waiting to do that- and you're already imagining their faces! Then why do you want to add to that messy, dirty and completely pointless work!? Our parents and teachers always thought or probably still think that comparing or giving examples of a brighter student or a smarter child or a more successful person will make us GO FOR IT, too! But what happens is the OPPOSITE! Through that prick and comparison, you hamper your existing potential, too! Let alone, doing better than the examples stated. But, this is nobody else's responsibility. Not our parents', not the teachers' and neither the society's! It's ours. We need to get out of this comparison web and make a happy bubble for ourselves, where we only look at ourselves. This can start with thinking about all the things you've done. I'm almost sure when you look at your journey, you will be amazed at your own progress even if it is super tiny. It isn't stagnant, at least. And even if it is stagnant, you can start Now! There's no deadline that we gotta follow. Just start with whatever YOU want to rather than comparing "your first standard to somebody else's graduation". Things take time and we can leave the comparison stuff for our relatives, the so-called well-wishers, our so-called friends or even worse, our own families/parents. We are our own responsibility and maintaining our uniqueness is a job we need to take seriously to prevent that "protective individuality shield" from breaking. As a Nutritionist, let me also remind you of how we compare our bodies with someone else's, how we compare how our bodies react to exercising and weight loss, how we compare someone else's healthier food choices with ours!! All this is totally personal and putting your body in a position to compare how it reacts with somebody else is the stupidest and a super harsh thing, that one can do! There are multiple things, factors, lifestyles and circumstances that decide how our bodies react or our minds do. 

So, kindly Stop Comparing yourself to others, On Any Parameter, protect your mental health, be happy for whatever you've done and if you think you've done nothing, you still can start now and create your own Happiness. This journey is solely yours! Don't insult it by comparing it to someone else. You are a unique creation. Respect and love yourself irrespective of anyone else doing it.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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