Gratitude – A state of being thankful.
A word that is getting famous through social media. Attitude of Gratitude GIFs been trending. The Gratitude Journals that are getting Oh So Popular, too!

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Although the concept of Gratitude sounds simple, it may not always be easy. When it feels like you’re in the middle of a complete mess, it may feel like there is absolutely nothing that you have that you can be thankful for. However, it can also be the way we’ve been thinking. Maybe, there ARE things, even between the craziest of chaos that we can be thankful for. Maybe, it’s the chaos, itself. Perhaps, you can be thankful for the fact that your chaos is making you stronger, exposing you to a different side of you, maybe it’s giving you a chance to appreciate yourself, to appreciate your power of fighting the storms. Or maybe it’s the intensity of the chaos. Who knows things could’ve been even worse? But, they aren’t. Probably, there are still things that are going well but because they are milder than the drama, we feel like they don’t exist at all.

It's sort of like the Glass half full or half empty example. But it’s more. It’s not just your perspective. But it’s the actual existence. You are able to make time to read this article for self-care – because you love reading or to learn about gratitude is not looking at the bright side of life. It is the very existence of your willingness to spend time doing what you like. Here, there is nothing like the glass half full. Here it is the actual existence. Like when you get a compliment from someone but your whole day went really bad, the compliment is not looking at the glass half full. It’s not merely a perception. It is the existence. Someone actually decided to be nice and sweet to you. You actually experienced a warm moment. You actually smiled. Now, the next step is your choice. Your choice to look at this existence of good things. You can look at the whole day that went bad or you can remind yourself of that one special compliment that can stay with you even after the day is over.

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Now, this also brings me to the heart-crushing news of the very famous and supremely loved Bollywood Singer K.K.’s demise. I heard this just a few hours ago and the Music Lover in me was so so upset. When a singer or musician dies, it’s like God snatches away from us something super precious. There are SO MANY of us who have grown up listening to K.K.’s songs and still love them, hum them. Some of us learnt singing due to him, he is the favourite of almost everyone. But again, there can be two ways of thinking about this. I am sure you’re wondering where is Gratitude here? Like, how can one be thankful for or be happy about someone’s death? Especially someone who has left such a special imprint on your heart that is eternal? The answer is although it is heart-breaking to know that he is no more, I am grateful that he was born, that he chose to be nothing else but a Singer, that he gave us songs like Yaaro'n Dosti Badi Hi Haseen Hai and Kal Rahe Ya Na Rahe, Yaad Aayenge Ye Pal – the songs that have the potential to make us cry. That are sure to touch hearts even if we sing them. I am grateful that he left us so many such pretty gifts. That we can listen to, for how many ever times we want.

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When we choose to be grateful, we are indirectly choosing to be happy because when someone gives you a chocolate box and you thank them, you are obviously not feeling upset about it. You say it because you are truly happy. When you choose to be grateful, you are automatically happy!

Gratitude brings us Joy. And Pure Joy. Because we are only talking about things that really exist, we are only talking about wishes that have already come true, we are only talking about blessings that we’ve already experienced or are experiencing in this very moment.

And, for the believers of the Almighty, the God, the Universe – whatever form you believe in, from the core of your heart, you can think of this as multiplying happiness. This is not even talking about some random belief! You can compare this with your own self. For example, don’t you feel happy when you’re able to make someone else happy? Most of the times, our reply to a thank you is – it was my pleasure. Meaning it made you happy to be a doer, to be a giver and we love feeling that feeling again and again. When you know an act of yours makes someone happy and they thank you, consciously or sub-consciously, we do it a lot more often because we like that feeling, too. We want to make them happy again and again. Similarly, the Higher Power that you believe in will also multiply the things that you’re grateful for. If He is capable of creating this nature and gifting you miracles, He is definitely capable of feeling happy and giving you a lot more when you choose to thank Him.

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However, even if you’re an atheist, you will not be able to deny the joy you derive out of giving and the pleasure of hearing a thank you! And when you can hear it and feel happy, you can also say it and feel happy. If for nothing else, the fact that you believe in yourself and are capable of making others happy is something to be proud and grateful about. So, whisper a thank you to the Universe or just yourself!

Because, ultimately, we need to thank ourselves!

We are our Best Buddies.

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You were born with Just You and you will die with Just You! You will face everything, all alone and You will enjoy the benefits of your Hardwork, all alone. You may have support but the one who is experiencing it all in their veins is exclusively You! You need to thank yourself for showing up for yourself, everyday! For being upset with yourself sometimes but deciding to stand by, regardless of anything, for fighting and winning the silent and the ultra-difficult battles, for just getting up and dealing with a day when you’re extremely sad. There are just so many things for which you can give your ownself some cute little thank-you notes.

So, look around you! Your room, the phone/laptop that you’re using to read this, your family (maybe your Mom’s shouting at you but you can’t deny that the Dinner she made last night was super yummy!), your friends (maybe they weren’t there with you all the time but you cannot deny those precious moments your spent with them), the food that you ate today, the room that you’re sitting in, your school, your college, your job (others may have it better than you but you also have it better than a lot others), your spouse, your kids, the Creator of this Universe, the nature, the sky, the stars, the moon, the sunshine – Phew! The list seems to have no last point.

And, if even this still seems shallow, then just thank yourself for tolerating people who don’t have common sense, who irritate you, who exist to just make you doubt your self-worth, for making your life miserable - I mean be it WHATEVER! You’re still going strong so Clap Clap!! Pat your back. And thank yourself. 

I’d like to conclude this by thanking you for reading this article I penned with all my heart! Thank you, Dear Reader! I am deeply grateful for your patience and interest in this article.

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