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After reading the title, that Forever really exists and that there is one person in all our lives that actually stays, I'm sure, a lot of you are imagining some faces. It could be your parents, your besties, your cousins, your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouses, or maybe you think, that even if not some or many, you at least have that one person who you are confident about. The one that's gonna stay. If that beautiful and hopeful imagination is happening in your head, right now, I must say you're a lucky person and you must try your best to reciprocate that person's efforts of staying with you! However, let's talk about a little practicality!


Let's not get too hopeless and behave heartbroken, thinking that everyone is a fraud and betrays eventually. Also, let's not think about these sweet, supportive souls that are a part of our Present and who we are expecting to remain in our Future.

Let's just go back and take a look at the people we "thought" would stay with us but they either fought with you or betrayed you. Maybe, God changed your paths, families became barriers, your schools and colleges changed, whatever the reason must have been- they are not a part of your life anymore! This could be a cousin, you thought was actually a buddy, it could be a buddy you thought was like a bro or sis, it could be your girlfriend who wanted to make you her husband, it could be your Boss, you hadn't thought would become competitive and is your support system but they changed. And left.

There was a time when you thought these people will exist in your life. So many of us have these memories marked on our school benches, in our slam books, on our uniforms, and that theme tees that we print for farewell parties at school and college. We all write #BFFs, #BrosForever, #MadeForEachOther and what not! You also remember the FLAMES we did sitting on the last benches. Don't you?

Although this sounds funny now, there was a time, we were emotionally connected and thought this friend who's your Benchmate will attend your Wedding, this cousin who you spend summer holidays with will be your go-to person for all the family drama and personal issues, that friend you decided not to part ways with after 12th/Intermediate, that guy you thought would actually marry you! Even if that sounds funny, we really imagined a Forever!! But, did it happen? We all know the answer.

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All you have while reading this article is that X person's memories - sweet or haunting - I don't know! But, it isn't a reality, for sure. Of course, all this can just be termed bad luck or people betraying us, breaking our hearts, or just some Divine power that has something better in store for us. Whether or not, we liked this forever thingy turning into a temporary phase and ending permanently, it happened and has passed.

Let's now imagine something more positive, something that doesn't fall into this sad or unfortunate category. A place where your innocent little heart is not broken.

Something that actually has the courage to showcase and prove something that can be regarded as Forever. A friendship that started in school and stays intact even years later. So deep a friendship that their kids go to school together, now. Friendships, where buddies decide to go to the same college and maybe also choose to work in the same place just because they don't want to leave each other. That girl/guy who was your girlfriend/boyfriend who's actually your wife/husband, now. These are those heart-warming stories of Forever that give us so much hope.

But, this article is about reality and practicality, so let's actually face this! What if this couple who loved each other since forever, promised each other a forever and also fought all odds and married each other. What if one of them dies? Not now. Not a few years later. But we cannot deny the fact that someday, one of them "will" die. After all, it's not a movie where both the actor and the actress choose to die on the same day. No matter how much the songs and the movies make us think forever exists, that's quite away from reality. It does not really happen. We all know, at least, one old cute couple who has been with each other during all the happy and sad times and are still together. It's just so pure to even look at them. But, the bitter-bite of this butter-cup story is one of them will eventually leave this World and then all that the one who stays alive can do is cherish that precious time and decide to pick themselves back up and continue to spend a life full of sunshine with their kids and grandkids.

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What if that friend who was with you, throughout your education suddenly leaves the country because she is getting married to someone who lives abroad? It wasn't even betrayal. I know, that you're still gonna be friends. But we have to admit that you will not have the liberty of meeting her every day and getting a hug in all those happy and sad moments.

Another harsh truth is that she might not even have the chance anymore to spend time with you virtually because of some unavoidable responsibilities. Put yourself in your friend's shoes. She is not choosing to let the friendship get affected but her time is now important to her spouse and his family and all those new people that are added in her life in her life's new phase and in that new country! I also understand that no matter how much we try to "understand" those situations, it's gonna shatter our heart to see this warm and forever friendship, turn cold day-by-day and to see that we're actually helpless.

Unlike, one of the spouses, friends, relatives, or someone passing away, this scenario may or may not happen. Maybe your friend that has gone abroad because she got married or the friend that had to go to some other city because he got a job there, your son who had to move to some other place because of his college will actually make all the efforts to stay in touch with you and will manage all the challenges that life throws at him. 

But you are still gonna miss the warmth and a lot of times, you will have to adjust, even if you truly understand their situation. Worst case scenario- if that friend or person you are SO EMOTIONALLY DEPENDENT ON is actually that only ONE in your life. It can be an unexplainable heartache. But, these are all real scenarios that we've all either experienced firsthand or had actually seen occurring with someone we know. So it's definitely not fiction or being hopeless or being heartless. It's just facing the truth and accepting the reality.

All of this may feel like so much injustice with us and with our cute-soft-hearts. However, we do not always know why a certain thing happens the way it does. All we know is that it breaks us. But, you know what can actually be your strength? This acceptance itself. And, I think it's time we talk about what the title said- That One Person who ACTUALLY STAYS!

What we need to notice and contemplate deeply about is that one person is always constant in all these heart-stamping scenarios and that is YOU! YOU, YOURSELF! 

You will always wake up with you. You will always sleep with you. You will always exercise with you. You will always meditate with you. Even if you hate the way you look or are as a person, you stay with you. Even when someone kicks your heart and leaves your life, you still stand there in front of the mirror looking at you with tears in your eyes but unmatchable courage in your heart. Even when someone dies, you don't die with them, maybe you cry, maybe you mourn, maybe you become depressed but you stay! You never leave you! And of course, we also know that we have the power of healing ourselves, we have the power of changing our lives the way we want to. (Why can't we just try to control the things that CAN be changed or modified?) We stay with ourselves through thick and thin. You drive yourself back home after dropping that BFF at the airport. The one who isn't even sure of coming back to your country or at least, any time soon! You come back alone. All you have is you, your emotional feelings, and your emotional strength! 

So, why can't we think of Forever's existence with ourselves? Let's accept that whether it feels good or bad, whether it is a deliberate betrayal or a helpless goodbye, we have the power of understanding this and moving on. As many times as needed. 

Because, it is only YOU that stays with You, happily or sadly- doesn't matter! Living up to the promise of forever does! It's finally time, you understand the infinite potential of yourself and the power behind Self-Love!! Self-Reliance is super powerful. Forever will not be a myth if you want it with yourself. Lower your expectations with the outside world and love yourself.

Openly and strongly Love others and enjoy your moments to the fullest with the people who truly love you, while also accepting that you are a marvel who need not tie his strong yet soft heart to expectations of any sorts and from anyone!

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