Which is that one exercise that really burns the most belly fat? And preferably, as quickly as possible! I mean, having a flat stomach for a cousin's wedding, for a friend's party, until your next birthday or before the new year starts!! Will doing ab crunches twice a day work some magic? Will you be able to surprise everyone with a slimmer body and a flatter stomach ASAP?

These are all questions that most of us ask ourselves almost every day! And whenever we read or see anything related to weight loss or a flat stomach, it definitely attracts us!! Perhaps, that's why you're reading this article!

This basically means that we associate a flat stomach to good looks more than good health!

We're literally ready to try any diet, any drink, any crazy exercising for unrealistic time periods if that means getting a flatter belly! And soon!

Before suggesting which exercise will really help you lose the most belly fat, I want you to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you wanting to have a flat tummy because someone taunted you on you fatness?
  • Are you having this desire of looking slimmer and having a flat belly because your boyfriend or wife or neighbour pointed out on how it looks embarassing?
  • Are you wanting to have a flat stomach to fit in your old clothes or to buy a specific type of outfit?
  • Do you think that having a flat stomach is what will make you look better and make you more confident?

While all of these are common and okay to feel, you need to understand that the main reason why you should lose weight or have a flat belly is primarily if YOU want to do it for YOURSELF! And, for YOUR GOOD HEALTH!

You look good just the way you are! And nobody else needs to validate that on the basis of your weight or even worse, your stomach!

You can feel confident in your own skin, about your own talents, about your work and everything else that you're already good at, instead of tying your confidence level to your belly! 

And when you are successful in having this mental shift of wanting to do it for your health, you understand that your body needs care and patience! The main reason of losing weight or losing belly fat is to stay away from diseases and become a Healthier version of you and good health comes with long-term lifestyle change rather than quick fixes!

No exercise can make you lose your belly fat if you continue to take excessive sugar, fat, junk foods or skip your meals!

No magical weight loss green tea can help you melt your fat if you have zero physical activity!

No amazing lifestyle will help you greatly if you don't know how to combat everyday stress-small or big!

This means that it's a combination of efforts and a lot of patience because the difference is not observed instantly! And if it does, you need to ask yourself if you're going for something that is not sustainable? and how long will this change last!?

We often listen to people saying that they stopped going to the gym or went back from a certain diet to their everyday eating habits and gained all the weight they lost and sometimes even more!!

Therefore, we must not fall for any quick-fixing traps and understand that if the fat didn't build up overnight, it won't melt away overnight!

Take time to achieve a flatter stomach and better health! And always do it for you and to feel good about yourself and your health! Not for anyone else!

Some tips that you can follow on a daily basis to help you in your health journey or specifically for a flatter stomach:

  • Don't skip meals- No! Skipping Breakfast won't make you slim!
  • Don't check your weight too regularly- No! You don't need to add unnecessary stress arising out of some number!
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day for 5 to 6 days in a week- if you're an absolute beginner, start with 5 minutes and gradually increase to 30! Take your time!- No! Ab crunches may not always be needed! Do whatever you like- Walking, Dancing, Anything!!
  • Start including fruits and vegetables in whichever meal possible-everyday!- No! That doesn't mean boiled vegetables and soups! It can also mean mixed fruits + nuts and vegetable pulaao or methi paraatha!
  • Eat whole grains- it's nothing complex! It just means your phulka, paraatha, bajre ki khichdi, jowar ki roti- No! Carbs ain't bad!
  • Eat Protein in every meal of the day- It just means Dal, Dahi, Doodh, Paneer, Chana, Rajmah, Anda and Chicken or Fish! No! It doesn't mean Protein supplements!
  • Keep drinking! ... - WATER! Don't forget giving your body some Water! Plain water! It never forgets to digest your food or detoxify your body from junk or alcohol!

-Following all these tips along with doing something that makes you happy, everyday for at least 10 minutes like reading or meditating or some good music and a long, uninterrupted 7-9 hours of good night sleep will help you feel healthier and the belly fat will start melting away automatically!

"Consistency and Patience" will be your only "Magic Keys"!

I hope this article gives you a fresh mindset instantly even if it doesn't meet the standards of instantly making you lose belly fat! 😊

-Priyanka Sharma,