Source: Pexels 

What if we could think that our Life is a Movie or some super thrilling show?
With each step ahead, then, we’d not be disappointed but would rather be excited to know . . . ?

What if we had the excitement to know, what’s next?
What if we could think a New Gorgeous Lead is to enter and actually thanked our ex . . . ?

What if we could think the tears we are crying right now would be playing in the flashback?
And that the Movie’s Climax will have our Mind-Boggling comeback . . .?

We’re sort of always positive about the negative happening, but What’s the guarantee?
Maybe, God’s directing your movie in a different manner and the Negatives are covered in some warranty . . . ?

Who knows, your movie is becoming the happily-ever-after one?
Who knows, your character is versatile and embraces the moments, both Lost and won . . . ?

You can hum, sing, shout and create a chartbuster,
Fall in love with every scene and imagine that your Life's a blockbuster. . .

It’s not always necessary for us to figure out everything,
When we hate spoilers for a 3-hour movie, our whole life is surely a much big flick . . . !
Let there be some waiting, let us enjoy all the punches and all the kicks,
Let’s look at our Lives like a High—Budget movie where you’re the Handsome Hunk or the Glamorous chick . . .

A movie - where there is drama, romance, heartbreaks, magical moments, action and a lot of mysterious and interesting suspense,
You Only Live Once and all you got to do to experience a stunning movie is view it through a different lens . . .

.    .    .