Image by Xema G from Pixabay 

This world is home to billions of people with billions of dreams. Innumerable babies are born every second, and despite the circumstances under which they are born and raised, they are exposed to hate, lies, discrimination, and inequality in every way imaginable. There is so much toxicity in this world that we do not even contemplate how it has impacted our young children, especially at such a young age when their sensitivity is at an entirely different level from that of mankind. At the age where they are to learn that love is the only way forward, they are exposed to the hazardous lessons of hate, hate, and more hate. The funny thing is that none of this is on purpose, not really, but it is what we think is the armour to survive in this dog-eat-dog world, thinking of it as "better safe than sorry," which is not safe, and those perpetuating it will be sorry in the future, for sure.

In our heads, we all believe that the world we are going to face is brutal, so we turn ourselves into one. And this is how it all started. When you all come out in shields, it looks like a war, even when there was nothing of that sort in the first place.

Just imagine, turning this whole thing the other way, the more beautiful way. What if we were taught that the world cannot be more beautiful and loving than it is? What if we were told that there is trust and kindness everywhere? Would there be any war? No, because if you step out now, there will be love everywhere and you can’t hate love. We can heal the world with love and we sure can be one global family.

I have been told that this world is not like some RomCom movie, and in my head, I live in a bubble world where everything is pink and bright and that world is far, far away from the real world. What is the real world like? Why do we mean the meanest things? Why do we mean "brutal"? The real world is what we have created, and it’s never too late to create again and correct the mistakes we made before.

So, instead of filling those sensitive minds with ugly thoughts, let's fill them with the most beautiful ones, and we won't have to save for a trip to Disneyland.

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