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When you come out of your shell, you feel liberated. When you emerge from the shell you built for yourself, and have been living in since the brave thought occurred and you destroyed it in order to build yourself now.

I’m talking about that feeling of snugness you get by living in your very dear comfort zone. Lads and ladies, it’s a zone where some people are stuck forever and some just try a little hard with a little push and ta-da! You just entered a new comfort zone unless you have the potential to always get out of it when you realize that you are stuck in it for no good. It’s out there, it’s all out there and all you need to do is try. It could be the tiniest of the things like an outfit or a haircut because to complete anything big you need the tiniest detail.

The main reason that we make a shell around ourselves, especially at a young age is because we go to schools that don’t allow us to be ourselves. Now I’m not saying that I have some kind of bad blood from every school in the world, it’s just with the one I went to. I don’t know what your school’s like but mine was hell for some reason, actually for many reasons.

In most schools, teachers make a big fuss about your hairstyle and the kind of haircut you should get. I have been called out all my life for my haircut and it’s just sick. It's sick because in a school filled with more than a thousand students how bored are our teachers that they jump on to correct our haircut. Of all the things that’s what they care about most. Once in class 9th, a teacher asked me why I’m sitting with girls when my haircut looks like boys. I pity her for this mindset, she was in her twenties with such a mind, I wonder how far she’ll manage to go but it’s India, in here it’s easier with narrow thinking than with a broad mindset. Our headmistress had pixie her whole life so I wonder what they used to think about her because if you really are a human then your emotions towards the things you don’t like should be the same irrespective of the person it’s being carried by. She told me to wear hairclips but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t because I was way past those days where I had to control my hairstyle on my teachers' saying, so I got slapped. I can still feel the spark in her eyes when she was about to slap me, but that didn’t make me do something I didn’t want to, so she gave up. I know it wasn’t some game I was playing but I for sure won.

A school is a place where you learn and grow and get to know stuff for life and I don’t think that anywhere in the world it is asked that the entry demands the formal practice of making two plaits and if you can’t then better turn away. The world demands confidence and that’s what they take away, that’s what they don’t let you have. If you don’t feel confident in plaits and yet you get up every morning and give your time to that and end up living more than half of the day like that then you are just surviving not living and you may or may not realize it but deep down you are killing the real you every day and making yourself a comfort zone which was never supposed to be yours.

Of course, I had nicknames but that’s no reason for me to not have the haircut I want. Every year I get different haircuts that I have never tried before and yeah after a couple of months they all look the same and that’s the perk, to be honest.

I am really putting my whole heart into this, I want all you people sitting out there to stop surviving and start living. I want you to open your mind, your heart, and especially your eyes and look out at the things you are missing. I just want you to know that it’s all okay, it's okay to try and it’s okay to fantasize and it's okay to live in a world you build for yourself in your mind. Be the one you secretly want to be and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because honestly, no one ever really thinks. We are all preoccupied with what others will think, while others are preoccupied with the same thing. And as Jojo Moyes says, “You only get one life and it’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.” So push yourself, don’t settle. Just live well, just live.

We will always find our true selves; it’s just a matter of time. We should always be open about who we are cause a person’s most stupidity is to hide themselves.

And you are most beautiful when you are you. Everything will make sense if you give it the freedom to be it.

Don't hide your feelings, be out there, love it, live it. There is no rule no motto no title to anything. Be who you want to be and mold yourself the way you want to. If life is about anything then it's living. Be you be me be whoever you want to be and ALWAYS BE KIND.

It's simple but effective. 

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