Image by Alina Kuptsova from Pixabay 

There is so much to talk about and so much to do,
So many things are left undone and I have no idea for whom?
My heart aches for the sufferers and yet all I do is write
But with a hope that one day I’ll get up and fight
For the rights of yours and mine.

Everyday is normal for everyone of us,
You don’t care, I don’t care
And the pain goes on and on.
It’s out there in front of your eyes and yet we call it hidden.
To all the women, you don’t be shy,
Get up and fight for the rights of yours and mine.

I am done depending on others and I am done listening to the lies
Don’t ask them what you have done
Because honestly there is no reason
It’s the truth of the lie.

It’s so hard to write about their pain
Every time I begin to write
The lines end up becoming a rhyme.
There is an ache that you can’t see
Because I cry without tears in my eyes

I wish there was someone who could get it for real
The damage is done but it’s never too late to feel
The mistakes you did, the lies you told
Undo it with your love and giving them what they deserve
Because if you don’t, you better be ready
To see the anger of the victims who’s stories are yet untold

Oh men and women, you better open your eyes
Be a mirror to yourself and stop spreading the lies
It won’t do any better but worse
I don’t know if you really do it or if it’s a curse
The curse of your devilish selfish act
Which you did to come first when there were only two
You made it a game where you either win or you loose
For centuries we have been loosing
Because you’re always cheating
Be wise, and stop spreading the lies
And now it’s time
To all the women
Get up and don’t be shy
Let’s all get together to fights for the rights of yours and mine. 

.    .    .