Image by Phan Minh Cuong An from Pixabay 

1. Be grateful:

This is what I will call is the key to open the gate of happiness in your life and this is personally tried and tested. The more you start being grateful for each and every element you have got around you the happier you will be. Being grateful involves thanking each day to Almighty for giving us a day in life , to our parents or guardian for giving us food and to each and every person around us who brought even a single ray of optimism in your life. To be even happier I started being grateful to all those people who have wronged me , disappointed me , betrayed me or at times turn the things harder for me because those were the people which helped me to gain an insight and experience of life and live for achieving it.

2.Counting on your blessings:

Every day you will have 1000 reasons to be happy and grateful and one reason to complain and be sad . The choice is yours.

3. Accepting yourself:

Some people that you should be like water. Well to be like water is an entirely different theory which can be criticised as well appraised at the same time . For me if being like water means that you are flowing freely , fearlessly , through every difficult terrain , finding your own way , following your own dreams seeping through cracks and hardest rocks smoothly , swiftly and softly then it's worth to be like water. But if being like water means for you that you have to lose your originality,you have to lose your own colour and adopt the Color of people around you just like how water adopts the color when mixed with any color , then I staunchly oppose it . You need to understand that each one of us is like a puzzle piece which fits at a particular place and not everywhere . The entire passage of finding that perfect place to fit it is not quite smooth .

It's not your fault either if you don't like doing something which others enjoy or if your interest and hobbies and passion are completely different from others . You are not made to fit everywhere and Mind you don't even try to fit yourself everywhere. You will end up hurting yourself.

4. Accepting your decisions:

In life you have no choice but to make choice and on an average a human being takes around 35000 decisions daily. Yes , the number is correct as per research . From including to waking up to eating to sleeping each and every decision is taken by human mind conciously and subconciously or sometimes even unconsciously but these decisions impact the life of a human to large . In life there is no choice but to make a choice so whenever you feel you are confused between two things to chose then try to have an overcompasing view over the entire situation before jumping to any conclusion and making a choice . Becuase remember life in one word is a choice . Life is an amalgamation of all the choices you made. Each choice shape you and your life but the most important thing is that at times you will have to chose between two or more things . At these times after making decision you have to follow dual policy of not regretting the things you left and not undermining the things you chose .

Also understanding that you can't chose both is bitter . Infact from my personal experience there were several moments in my life where I chose one thing over several things and the choice was really difficult.And from my personal experience choosing things which were once difficult become easier later on so learning no. 1 is that don't stress yourself much for the things you can't do .

One of the most bitter truth is that everyone in this world dies with unfulfilled desires. Yes, that's the truth, no matter who might he or she be, whether it's me or you everyone has to die. And the truth is that human desires can't be ever satisfied every time it's like a mirage. The truth is that you will be merely able to fulfill only 1% of the desires and dreams you ever had since your childhood. Yes, that's the truth. So never underestimate your dream and work plan process as it determines how much will you be able to achieve in life.

But satisfaction lies in realising that not you will not get everything at the time you want or the time you planned to get whether it's good or bad for you. Life simply gives no definition to you, it simply moves on. One more truth you can't ever achieve everything you want to . You might think of opening a school , running a startup , expanding your business , becoming the Trainer, mentor, coach, motivational speaker, writer, podcaster, YouTuber, and influencer at the same time. But believe in me you won't ever be able to unless you have got extra hours with you apart from 24 hours . In fact, if you will ever try to achieve all things all together you will lost focus in life and simply end up having nothing in your life. This is one of the pieces of advice from very personal experiences of failures.

I know how it feels to choose between two things which are very dear to you but you will have to make choice and later without regret for the things you left behind you will have to muster up the courage and focus on things which you have in your hand and that is the only way out to be successful that is to achieve what you desire, aim or contemplate to achieve in life. Multi-tasking and devoting your time and interest in multiple things won't end you up anywhere. It's just like filling so many pots just to quarter or even below that. In order to get results out of the efforts you put in you will have to fill the pots to the brink and not any less than that because if it would be less than that then all your efforts will be futile. Believe me, personally, I have tried to accomplish each and every possible thing whichever and wherever possible but you can specialize only in a limited sector. Not beyond that. You can be a jack in several things but not a master in all. Even don't try to be as this is personally tried and tested and I have failed hundreds of times maybe, failure was easy for me than not ever trying but even if you will dedicate your efforts in a different direction then you will never be able to derive useful learnings from them altogether. So the best advice would be that pick the shit you want to focus on and give your fucking attention and focus on those things. It will not only help you to achieve things but will also aid you with the accomplishment of achieving and establishing yourself which will further aid as an incentive in process of exploring other niches you can work out and develop and transform yourself in.

5. Dealing with problems:

Each one of us has a different set of problems. Everybody has got a different question paper. The choice is yours how you wish to answer. The failures or problems will never decide what you will become or do in life. Your attitude to these things determines what will you do in life. Getting failure is an opportunity and Utilising opportunity is intelligence And intelligence bring success. Crying over spilled milk is wasting your negative opportunity cost. If you are worried or sad about something you can't help or change then you are one of the biggest fools in this world. You are wasting your resources twinkly -

  • Focusing on something which can't be changed
  • Not focusing on something which can be changed and can bring some positivity out. So you are actually wasting your emotions, time, energy, and feelings on something which can't be rectified.

6. Dealing with mistakes:

Committing a mistake is okay until you repeat it. If you will not learn lessons from your mistakes life will put you in circumstances in which will you will rectify the mistake. Remember life is the best teacher. She keeps on testing and teaching you until you learn. So to avoid being in the trap of life, learn from your mistakes and even from others' mistakes. As life is too short to commit every mistake and then learn from it.

7. Loving yourself:

What I mean by self-love is not a solo game nor things as such. Nor what I mean is that you should cover all your blemishes, and flaunts and accept that you are divinely perfect but what I mean is to accept yourself as a normal human being who struggles, transform each day and try to eradicate the problems from life which you have faced so far in your life and while continuously evolving to become the best version of yourself. Self-love involved self-nurture, self-care, self-gratefulness, self-empathy, self realization, and much more. 

Self-love doesn't necessarily imply loving yourself in the way you are but loving your own efforts of transforming yourself into the way you want to be. Self loves to come with time, patience, and perseverance. Self-love doesn't mean that you are hype about what you are, it actually means to dwell upon what you were and what you have become so far. It relies upon understanding that given the circumstances of the life how you were able to accustom, adjust and cope yourself.

Loving yourself doesn't mean justifying your wrongs but accepting your right to make mistakes and simultaneously improving it.

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