Image by DARSHAK PANDYA from Pixabay 

The criteria of the best country to live in varies from person to person. To me, it is not the tall buildings, broad roads, big shopping malls, etc it is calm, clean, clear, culture and no tension life. There are several countries I like to live in, but they are all in 2nd choice. My first choice is my motherland, the most beautiful country in the world and that is one and only India.

There are several countries I like to live in like the Netherland, Iceland, New Zealand, Austria, Japan, Denmark as they fulfill all of my criteria like calm, clean, fresh, clear, and above all tension free life. These countries are calm in nature, no bad or unrest news, with a high standard of lifestyle. Netherland is a country of calm and clean atmosphere and a country of colour full flowers. No prisoners mean no crime. Rest are also the same. Iceland is a place of happy people. Japan is a country of rich cultural heritage, self-respect. In spite of their high standard of living and favorable criteria, I would like to live in my own country as it is the haven of the earth and the queen of all countries.

A home is considered to be heaven, wherever it is, however it is. So my country is like heaven however it is. It may not be like those of my favourite countries in some aspects of life but it is the best place to live in. There may be some points which I don't like, which give me pain which is not a favourable condition like poverty, hunger, corruption, unemployment, unrest and above all population, etc but we have lots of fantastic achievement, atmosphere, culture, family bondings, etc.

Image by D Mz from Pixabay

We are a country of 3000 yrs old with rich culture and tradition. It is a country of peace-loving people. We never attacked any country rather than we were attacked by several countries. Even peace was a major point of our freedom movement. It was the richest country in the world and very big in size (subcontinent ). It is the only country that is associated with the name of an ocean, along with the name of the country (West Indies) and a community (Red Indians). 

My country is the best and beautiful country. It may be the only country where one can find desert, hill station, a huge number of sea beach, green forest, thousands of years old mandir, etc. So it's all in one country above all it's my own country, I can speak in my mother tongue, I have a lovely family, my friends. No country can match with my own country. I love to visit those countries, may stay there for some more time. I will visit those countries as a tourist but not as a resident.

 The best country to live in is one and only India.

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