Image by Benita Welter from Pixabay

Humans destroying the Environment!

Ohh! Human beings, what the hell have you done!  For your greed, You have spoilt me, disrespected me and you have taken me for granted! Think, these would be the words of environment if it comes into life. 

Have you ever thought that how selfish we are! To fulfill our desires, we are polluting our beautiful environment. The environment is the place where we live. The environment has given us everything we need to survive.  It has given us food, air, shelter, clothing, water, and uncountable precious things. What have we given in return? Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, and thermal pollution. 

Human factors are responsible for Pollution!

Humans try to make changes in the environment. They intentionally or unintentionally harm the environment. Cutting down of trees, making roads and railways by cutting into mountains which require heavy machines and bulldozers this emitting harmful gases in the environment, setting up factories which releases harmful gases, motor vehicles, Aeroplanes, Engines lead to environmental pollution. Moreover, the burning of fossil fuels and the dumping of garbage into water sources affect our environment in a negative manner. 

It brings an adverse effect on our environment. Let me explain with these examples: If humans cut down trees to build roads and railways, then trees on which herbivores like deer, zebra, giraffe, etc depend for their food, but now there are no more trees to feed them. As a result, they can't survive as they can't get enough food. 

Carnivores depend on herbivores for their food, as a result, carnivores start to die off, as there are no herbivores left to feed them. 

Therefore, many species have gone extinct and many species are on the verge of being endangered. 

Secondly, pollution also affects the health of human beings. Pollution has given rise to many diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, cholera, typhoid, hookworm, etc. 

Environment says,

"if you will treat me positively, then I will also treat you positively."

Then my dear friends without wasting a single minute, we should think about the solution for pollution. 

Solutions for environmental pollution

  • Let's make a promise to make use of public transport instead of using our private cars. 
  • Always remember to turn off lights, fans and electric appliances when not in use, as less consumption of electricity saves energy. 
  • We should follow the concept of recycling and reuse and also discard the use of plastic bags as they take a long time to decompose. 
  • Usage of gas logs should be encouraged instead of using wood. It will help our trees to survive. As trees play a vital role in protecting our environment. Trees save us from water shortage as they bring rain and also from floods, as the roots of trees trap the water. 
  • Avoid bursting crackers during festivals and functions, as it releases harmful gases which make our environment dirty. 
  • Last but not the least, from now onwards, each and everyone takes the oath to plant more and more trees in order to make our environment happy. 

So, my dear people, these are solutions to pollution are so easy and could be achieved without great effort or difficulties. The only thing we need is dedication, determination, strength of will, commitment, wholeheartedness, enthusiasm, and zeal to reduce pollution. 

Come on people! Buck up! Get ready to reduce pollution!!!

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