Image by Buono Del Tesoro from Pixabay 

What are poems? What is poetry? Is there a one-sentence answer to these questions?

I don't think so but I will try my best to give a simple answer to these questions.

For me, writing poetry is the best way to express my feelings. Some things are personal and we cannot express them verbally. Even if we try to express them verbally we end up getting emotional. I will talk about my experience.

I am Avishi Kala, the author of the book - "I still hide you in my poem". I started writing when I didn't know how to tell people what I was going through or how I am feeling verbally. I always got emotional or scared that the other person listening to my problems will one day leave as it may be too much for them. That's when I started writing poems. Poems to express all of my feelings, love, heartbreak, sadness, happiness, healing, moving on, and many more. Now that I think of it I am glad that I started writing, now I don't end up choking myself with my tears when I talk about that lousy phase, and now I feel I am a calmer version of myself. I am grateful for my poems, they only made me move on and made me make peace with myself. 

I also think that emotional and sensitive people should do more reading and writing poetry. The best way for them to be happy again is to do the above-mentioned things. I have expressed my story in my poems and I think it also makes me feel proud of my emotions and my genuine feelings. I would like to end with a poem...


Everyone is telling me about their partners 
They indeed are lucky as they don't care about others
I feel happy for them as I love 'LOVE'
But I feel empty because I don't know what I deserve 
Maybe a little alone time will help 
Or maybe this void will never end 
But whatever happens, I am here to face it smilingly 
After all, I do believe in destiny.

.    .    .