Image by Iliya Kolodeznyy from Pixabay 

Attitude makes a lot of things happen. It is one of those key factors which brings dynamic changes and yet is easily overlooked. No matter the profession and no matter the career a person is always judged by his attitude.

Unknowingly an individual showcases all his hidden characteristics in the way he carries himself. From the beginning, those with the polite, assertive and humble personality tend to hold an edge over the others. While having a rude and cool demeanor seems to get a lot of applause no one really wants much to do with such a person.

It is strength that is seen in a calm and confident individual. From childhood in school till adulthood in an office a positive thinker spreads great energy inspite of himself. When a person of such brightness enters even the darkest of rooms lighten up.

The sad fact is however that not much of emphasis is being given to values. The modern education system tends to focus more on the achievements rather than the effort put in. In my opinion the effort needs to be recognized, the never give up attitude must be appreciated.

True winners are not those without defeat, but are those who have risen up after any defeats and keep trying till they taste victory. The true essence of a person is always shown in the way he handles defeat and celebrates success.

Intelligence Quotient or IQ is used as a measure for employment and it has good returns too. But the true judgement must be through EQ or Emotional Quotient. Emotional quotient comprises of self awareness, self regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

And the individual with a high EQ is the one with a great attitude.

Attitude may not be the final solution, but it definitely is the part of the solution. Many individuals exceptional beyond measure fail spectacularly because of the lack of a positive attitude.

A positive approach opens up a million opportunities in the gloomiest of times. A flicker is enough to seek out the fire in the coldest of times. The never say never attitude is the true teaching that needs to be advocated. For the one who shall never give up shall never truly lose. The right attitude breaks mountains and forges paths unimaginable. 

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