Image by John Hain from Pixabay 

There is a conflict between doing something and not doing something. In such a conflict, my mind gets entangled every day, from a cup of tea in the morning to keeping the tiffin, lunch, and dinner. The mind is always surrounded by such questions, as what should I make or what to remove, in such a situation, someone's sarcasm pierces the heart to the surface. The faded memories suddenly start to shake. (Whatever would have become, I would not have to bear all this.)

There was no desire for this happiness and opulence, I loved my freedom. The desire for that freedom and the responsibility of these duties, always stirred up within me. My mind is always in a dialectical state. As soon as I move one leg, in the same way, as someone pulls a leg, I do not want to do all this, but have to do the same. In my mind, it is a strange storm, I am surrounded by many questions which no one wants to hear.

It is not possible to get out of the turmoil of the mind, the journey from morning to night is decided every day. With so much effort I have kept that happiness, and here the heart is nothing more than a prisoner. No matter how many conflicts go on, no matter how much trouble I remain in, in the end, I win the responsibilities,

I want so much that I should also be considered a human being. Those who would have given a little respect, and would not have kept so much trouble in their mind, would not have been a victim of depression, and would not have to face the queue of hospitals.

.    .    .