Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

People are still walking on the old limbs of this Society and show themselves as open-minded. 

Society didn't age, it's been years and still people believe that rules set 100 years ago should be followed and differences are to be made. 

There have been stories of father supporting their daughters, talking openly about menstruation and sex education. There is progress in people's thoughts. But with every acceptable point, there are lots of "buts".

I have seen my grandparents hogging on the same set of thoughts since I can remember. I tried to make them understand that daughters and daughter in law can work even after their marriage. There is no big deal. But they made me shut, saying "women are brought into this world so they can take care of the family, cook food for them and make herself busy with household chores. 

I have seen Society telling the men that "you have the power, use it. You can't let your tears out of your eyes, remember you are the strongest. Where should men go to grieve? Why does society refuse to offer a shoulder for men to cry, why is it forbidden? They see a man in the kitchen, they blame their wife. They see a man taking care of his baby, they call this ridiculous. Society in every way taunts its people. 

Oh, you think you are gay, laughs society. Bringing out your identity is a crime here. They laugh at you, they curse you for being born and they consider you a "waste". It's been years now, this should be stopped. A human has its own rights, he/she/them, these pronouns should be considered equal and treated equally. 

How dark your skin is, how fat you are, how skinny you have become- these are the routine tantrums thrown on people by the so-called "society". Our body type and colour and shape is perfect in every way. But still people keep their eyes closed and ignore the beauty of them. 

Why wouldn't they grow themselves, why won't they let their thoughts change in the favour of the new generations? What obsession they have with the norms set some 100 years ago. They say "with time everything will change". When will they change? When will they shape their minds with accepting the fact that people have their own rights and choices and accept them however they are. 

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