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Just a thought, a thought about love, what is love? Is love just an emotion, a feeling, a blessing, or just a weapon? Why am I saying love as a weapon because it is often used by one person to dominate the other in a very sweet way or I may also say in a clever way? Although there is no particular definition of love that is accepted by all those who have experienced it, give their own definitions.

In my opinion, love is not like a bubble that vanishes in a moment rather it is like an ocean's depth, deep and permanent. It doesn't depend upon circumstances, self motives, and others' opinions.

So now, here comes a thought in my mind, with this, how one can express his or her love for another person?

While thinking about this, a very famous quote clicks to my mind "Actions speak louder than words", its newer version is "Vibes speaks louder than words". Is love really needed to be expressed or it should be understood. I feel it is a hypothetical concept or in today's practical world love needs to be definitely expressed but not with materialistic things, with care, by understanding and keeping equality in relationships. The last one mentioned believing me is a top priority. Because without equality love is like a body without a soul.

When you say that you love someone unconditionally but then expect the other person to understand your situation at every stage, your mood, your circumstances, your personal motives, yes you can expect this from your love but where is your love? That's why I said in beginning, that love is also a weapon.

Another thought that clicks is can we love two people or can we love twice in life.

In my opinion, the answer is a big No. Love is not a quantity that we can distribute. Let me try to explain it in my own way, love is like an investment that we invested in different people with risks. If we are not satisfied we change the person to invest until we achieve satisfaction. Here Risk that I mention is the time and emotions that we spent on the person. In nutshell there is nothing like first love or second love, there is only love that we take from someone and give to others at least in a real sense, not publicly may be.

Conclusion: We all know love is an endless topic as one famous poet said "Ek zindagi beet jaati hai fir kahin sacha pyaar hota hai."

Here I am quoting myself "Mohabbat to ek trfa hoti hai, dono tarf se to souda hota hai".

Here With the word souda I mean expectations. Because expectations make a person senseless about love. But this is an ideal situation, we are living in today's practical world and for this practical world love is better explained by one famous poet as "Akelepan se kahn taal mel hota hai, pyaar me khiladi do ho to khel hota hai".

So if love is between two people, it is mandatory for both to maintain balance in every circumstance and not to take advantage of others. There is no space for a third person between the two, when I say third person, I mean not only a person but every tangible or virtual situation.

Love is not something that remains only in words or in poetry, it should be visible from your actions as well.

And with this conclude my thought by saying love is beyond & above everything. It is not a task of winning someone but rather losing ourselves for others' happiness.

"Ishk ka ajab khel hai, jo haara vo pass aur jo jeeta vo fail hai".

Today I penned down my thought with the scope of amendments to my future experiences. 

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