Image by Lucija Rasonja from Pixabay 

Have you ever managed to overcome
The voice so intense
The voice so deep
The one pushing into the tapestry of emotions
The sharpest count down 
When you're just about to leap?

Haven't you experienced the terror of your over-organized mind questioning all your exceptional decisions? If not, then either you're lying or... the decision wasn't an exceptional one.

It is this one ubiquitous barrier that stops most of the capable population from becoming Bill Gates, Shah Rukh Khan, JK Rowling or name any of your favourites for that matter. 

The two most difficult steps in life that we take are the very first baby step as an infant who lacks the skill to balance and the last step to run away when death stands with it's arms wide open and we've lost all power to sustain life any further. Similarly, in the process of empowering our lives, we first stumble at the thought of choosing something uncommon over common and maybe some of us manage to show some courage, design a plan, look for the possible options and hence tackle the first step. But most among those succumb to the last step, the step of execution. The one where our very own voice reminds us of how perfect our darling monotonous life is, how comfortable we feel in our warm, cozy, selfish comfort zone, how easy it is to go with the flow, even if the flow is horribly sluggish. This voice makes you believe that what so ever is going on right now is the utmost correct thing happening on the planet and any changes that you try to bring in the stars of your life will only contribute to add on to the devastating results. And then we do the most obvious thing. We stop. We turn. We return. Return to the most unobvious place we deserve. We are blinded and manipulated by this voice of futile fear & petrifying privileges & most of us hardly care to fight it.

And all of this for that one stupid desire. The desire of 'balance'. Life should definitely have a balance but the kind of balance required is different from what we understand. Let's take it this way, life is not potatoes and onions, it doesn't require the balance scale that you use for weighing vegetables. How can you weigh & compare your tumultuous decisions with such an ordinary scale? Rather have you ever been to a circus, seen the artist balancing his cycle over the rope that's meters high from the ground? That's the kind of balance that life needs, the one that allows you to take risks, the one that allows you to explore, the one that takes you heights away from fear. The one that allows you to build yourself. Build yourself beyond all limits.

The foundation stone required is trust. Can you guess who's the most difficult to trust. Some would mention an enemy, some would mention time, some would consider money, many would consider luck but ask me and I have only one answer to suggest. It's we, we ourself, the most difficult thing to trust. You can trust others because you can't hear what's going inside them but within our own mind everything keeps echoing. And how can you not hear that! But believe me if you can, try to find a way to hold your own hand & say it with courage that "No matter how disrupting it may turn out, I'll stand firm with you. I'll hold you tight & we'll finally overcome it to reach the place I deserve" Say it again & again. And for once trust yourself till the end. Till the horizon. You'll see it's not empty there.

I don't believe in the concept of "Nothing's impossible". You'd rather not like to challenge me on this. Still if you wish to try... Go build a rocket to the Sun, travel there and return alive. I promise anything you ask then.

I also don't belive in the concept of "No sensible thing is impossible." Life's a blunder and things work differently. But there's this one concept that has never let me down- "When you try to chase the sensible impossible, you surely create hundreds of the possible stories you could have never predicted before." And trust me on this, all of them are way too magnificent than you can dream of.

So next comes your tumultuous decision. Dump that voice that asks you to stop, use the ear plugs called self trust, believe in the fact that you can manage all of it & there begins the count down. An amazing story with a new hero awaits to be published, so hurry up!

.     .     .