What is Reflection of oneself? Is it a character? Then, What is character? 

Individuality, independence, bravery, kind-hearted, courage, honesty, generosity, and purity. Yes, they are essentials of character but not complete the character. A man of character is the one who commands the respect and admiration of all. It means that the man of character should be able to go against the accepted view or opinion when his judgment asks him to do so. 

We all know Mr. Raja Ram Mohan Roy, a great social reformer. He started working for a ban on sati pratha. He stood against it because his judgment ask him to do so. It was because of his efforts, that William Bentinck the governor-general of India, passed a law in 1829 making the practices of Sati illegal and punishable by law. 

Judgment is the ability to form opinions or make sensible decisions, or differentiate between right and wrong. As long as I know, as we start getting things. Our parents send us to school for elementary knowledge. There we tried kinds of stuff like learning, reading, recognizing, language, and learning the fundamentals of the social system. As we grew up we are promoted to higher class its the age of 21, 22, and for someone even more. We are doing things willingly for making our upcoming present better. Is present is sustainable to live a peaceful life. More diseases are there than at any age, and more rages, and riots than in any other century. We are probably at the door of advanced civilization. Yet, we don't understand the importance of life. We put our whole life for a better settlement. 

Most famous personalities and warriors are from ancient eras. Something is absent! Then what is it? Today, we have deep knowledge of most things and the integration of technology makes it more accurate than in the past. But, the present education structure motivates us to learn new things rather than to find ourselves. Increasing our knowledge, and intellectuals in a given field and preparing us for "settlement". It somehow creates a human machine that works on a predefined path and starves for better settlement throughout its life. I am always amazed to think that, what our future leaders are like?, they are all intellectual in a given field, and complete their primary, secondary, and higher education. Some of them also take predefine personality development courses.

Our education infrastructure is lacking in something. Back in the past, knowledge, and quality are supreme in education. Now, educational institutions are supreme. We have provided a better understanding of good character, differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong. Realizing what they want from themselves. What he/she is? 

"A man with a good character able to create a better future. " I don't completely oppose and discard education structure. Maybe, it is important for an advanced civilization. But why not we integrate "GURUKUL"  with it. It helps in the understanding of ethics and true knowledge of ones oneself that helps them to create a good character. They all purposely work for making this world a better place. 

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