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As we are breathing in an atmosphere that is full of competition, race and challenges on each and every pace of life since the date of independence, we ought to be responsible and careful for our upcoming generation. Consumption of fossil fuels at high level in our day-to-day life attracts the minds of researchers and great scholars towards it. They would only have what we leave now-a-day and preserve for them. Avoiding this issue might be a synonym of carelessness and non-responsibility in accordance with future of coming generation.

Consumption of non-renewable resources; main cause of endangering future.

It is unknown to non that non-renewable resources like petroleum and coil take a million of years to form as they are the result of compressed dead bodies of animals and human beings as well under soil for a long period of time like million or billion of years. Its high consumption in twenty first century by motorbikes, rickshaws, buses and trains would lead to its shortage in few years. Then it would be difficult to meet their needs for coming generation from non-renewable resources due to its shortage in that period of time. They would not be able to enjoy the usage of non-renewable resource that may lead their lives to difficulties and many other problems. Looking far for the coming generation, the world badly requires to adopt an unique method of preserving non-renewable resources like coil, petroleum and trees.

Pollution; an another cause

High consumption of petroleum and coils in automobile companies and manufacturing industries cause air and water pollution. Burning of petroleum release many dangerous gases like carbon di oxide, carbon mono oxide and chlorofluorocarbons that harm ozone layer and causes many respiratory diseases like asthma and many others that will lead our coming generation to a diseased lifestyle. Water pollution by release of harmful chemicals in water bodies such as rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans causes death of abiotic animals like fishes that affect our ecosystem. Coal mining in our country causes death of thousands of lives due to failure of balance in deep and dark mines. It is highly consumed in making of bricks that release a huge amount of carbon di oxide which pollute air. Air pollution plays a vital role in damaging the beauty of beautiful monuments like Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar and red fort etc. Pollution is an another cause of endangering the lives of coming generation.

Global warming; a new challenge for coming generation

Needless to say that cutting down of trees and other natural resources in order to meet the needs of fancy lifestyle are the leading cause of global warming. As the amount of harmful gases like carbon di oxide and carbon mono oxide increases in the atmosphere, we would be unable to breathe in fresh air that will certainly reduce our lives. Recently, studies have found that due to lake of pure oxygen, many people have lost their lives. Delhi has launched oxygen bar which provides people pure oxygen for a few minutes. Doctors have ensured that it will help people getting rid of lungs diseases. It is a matter of very serious concern that increasing level of global warming results in melting of glacier on south and north pole that may lead to submergence of our country. No one had imagined that by our silly mistakes there will be a lot of problems but I think it had come true in the case of coming generation. In my opinion they must tolerate the results of what we have done for them. We are not sure about their lives, what will be, in what manner, they will live.

Remedies for the betterment of coming generation

Obviously, history has shown that no one cared about and thought of difficulties and obstacles that our coming generation must face because they did not care of future but they enjoyed the present. That was the main fault of what we are facing in current situation in the case of education, corrupt governance and poverty. We should take care of our coming generation. Given below are some of remedies we must concern it.

  1. Conserving natural resources is one of the best remedies for the betterment of coming generation. They may enjoy what we left for them. Saving trees will surely reduce the increasing level of global warming.
  2. Minimizing the usage of non-renewable resources would help them meeting their needs in future.
  3. Using CNG ( compressed natural gas] instead of petroleum in automobiles may reduce air pollution that will lead us to a peaceful life and help us getting rid of respiratory diseases.
  4. Paving the best way of governance would be a unique method for a prosper life.
  5. Improving education system must affect the lives of coming generation.
  6. Reforestation will be helpful in reducing the high level of global warming and provide us fresh and pure air.
  7. Minimizing the usage of personal vehicles and promoting public transportation may result in reducing air pollution.
  8. Promoting the usage of renewable resources instead of non-renewable resources would be the best option for preserving natural resources.
  9. Reducing the usage of fertilizers and chemicals in fields will result in lowering the increasing level of water pollution as fertilizers harm soil fertility and contains chemicals that resolves in water and causes many disease.
  10. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are three measures to ensure the decreasing level of pollution. One can use these three methods to avoid pollution.

In a nut shell we can conclude by referring that humans activities like high consumption of non-renewable resources, cutting down of trees, deforestation, more petroleum and coil consumption are leading cause of endangering future. Deforestation results in soil erosion by which soil lose its fertility to produce grains and cereals. It is obligatory to conserve natural resources like coil, oil, trees and abiotic animals like fishes to continue a balanced lifestyle and meet the need of the future generation as well. If not, then there would be shortage of natural resources. As a result upcoming generation will have to face a bunch of difficulties and problems that will prove our carelessness and non responsibility towards them.

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