The body is the instrument of “I". The body always supports you no matter how much you drag, where ever you throw, whatever you do shatter, broken and fall apart… All it be with you where you go.

 Now it's 21 century, and everything is changing so rapidly. We are encircled by numerous appliances, automation, and robotics. As evolution is hitting our daily lifestyle, we are ignoring its dangerous impacts on our health which is disintegrating with the continued using these technologies.

Technology provides us with knowledge, experience, and entertainment; indeed a list of its benefits would be very long. However, these advantages made people ignore its dark side and serious impact on everybody, especially children


Suppose you are investing your time, and money in this technology, you are getting your income through these but do you ever think of losses that you gonna bear. By every day you are losing your health in that.

Many research conducted to proof this aspect that these dangerous technologies are impacting an individual's health. These include eye problems, ear problems, poor sleep habits, mental disorders, obesity, and many more.

Our unconscious behavior about our food Sedentary lifestyle, technologies, and stress is making our bodies unhealthy. 

The body is the only one who is suffering from every hustle: your gain and loss strategies, ultimately it is affecting our health... Health is an essential factor that should be the concern of every human being. 

Concentrating on health leads to proper functions of the body, and It is the only partner who is always with you.

"And if your only partner is not going to support you then it degrades your performance and you will face complications in accomplishing the task. 

A healthy person can make his lost wealth but a wealthy person never get his lost health. 

Everyone has different objectives in life, have to face different paths, meet with different persons in their life, travel in different places, lived with different relationships but with the same body... Or that loyal partner who never gonna left you. 

So one should fulfill some responsibilities towards this partner. Following some good habits with a superior lifestyle of proper nutritional food and sleep and with the proper physical workout like yoga can maintain your Hemosteosis and help to accomplish the goals of life. 

The body consists of a different system which works in synchronize way that maintains a good balance everywhere

But your sedentary lifestyle disturbs this balance and that leads to various diseases. Many diseases are lifespan... They just want to live in your body but loyalty remains the same of the body with you. It tries to fight that disease called your immune system.  

As I said before it is an instrument because it's mentioned in INDIAN SCRIPTURES LIKE BHAGWAT GEETA that one should use this body as an instrument to achieve the ultimate goal of a human which is MOKSHA.

Because our human body is the only thing that can help us to achieve that goal and those who don't have this body never get that moksha. We are blessed to have this but hapless because don't value this. 

The ultimate goal is accomplished by bringing awareness to 1st body and then the mind.

These are very subtle goals one should follow but if humans are not focusing on that ultimate goal. They should have some gratitude towards this nature, the environment, and the body. We humans take advantage of this body for various purposes without that gratuitous attitude. 

Let's be thankful for what we have and appreciate God for this loyal partner.

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