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“Guys, give me a minute, I just need some air. I will be back.” Aisha said while leaving the café hurriedly. Not everyone noticed why she left, except for those 4 boys who know Aisha better than she knows herself. As much as they want to go and talk to her, they know that the person closest to her will leave any second.

“I will be back, I need to make a call.” Sahil said

“ yes yes, go have some alone time with aisha.” Everyone started teasing him but he did not care enough about those taunts, instead he left as soon as he could.

Aisha was pacing as fast as she could, something on her mind about which she herself had no clue.

“Aisha talk to me, what happened?”

“Sahil! Hi! I didn’t see you there, nothing happened. You can go back inside, nothing happened don’t worry.” She said frantically

“You know that is not true, why are you not telling me what happened?”

“But nothing happened”

“AISHA! Your entire body is shivering and it’s 40 degrees. You need to tell me, don’t overthink.”

“I don’t know what happened, but just something clicked and something in my body said you need to be anxious right now. I did not want to tell you because I feel guilty of talking to you about my anxiety.”

“I would not want anything else in my life.” He held her hands to calm them down. They sat down on the floor and spoke about random things in the street, this was just a way to distract Aisha.

Aisha’s fist was clenched and the other hand felt like it was cramped into his. Slowly, after 8.5 minutes of random conversations, she started to let go of that. Sahil’s hands had clench marks.

“Oh fuck! I am so so sorry, see this is why I don’t want to tell you about my anxiety.”

“Don’t you dare say that, it’s all okay. I am an alpha boy” he said while showing off his muscles and laughing.

Aisha felt better, they both got up. Sahil didn’t let go of her hand, Aisha didn’t want him too either.

“Your slut strands are coming out, wait.” He tucked her hair behind her ear, and Aisha just smiled.

She left his hand and gave him a hug. A hug that lasted for good 2 minutes, she did not want to let go, neither did Sahil. She felt like everything can be okay in the world. This moment made her the happiest she has been in ages.

“I feel safe.” She whispered

“You’re home to me.” He said

“What did you just say? Sahil has feelings?”

He just coughed his feelings away, and gave her the smile she loved.

“No but thankyou, you’re all I needed at this moment.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek. He pulled her closer into his arms. They went back inside.

“AWW Sahil and Aisha sitting under a tree, K I SS ING” everyone started cheering and laughing

“Shut up everyone, it’s strictly platonic.” Aisha said

Sahil held her hand and whispered, “the best one though.”

.    .    .