Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

As I lay in my bed relishing a pleasant siesta,
A deafening thunderbolt Pierces my very soul;
With nothing to pacify my palpitating heart,
The window's frenzy movements reflects nature's torrent.

I shut my ears tight with a pillow,
And wrap myself around in a defending
Plunged into a world of fear;
I ponder to rise or lay still.

In the spur of the moment I hear something;
my heart gladens with a loud cackle:
It bounces in a rapturous joy;
|With the gentle clapping of "a sweet rain".

I tip-toe to the door in kiddish innocence,
Unlatching the door I surrender myself;
Wholly to the beck and call of nature,
Ready to immerse in a cosmos of bliss.

Stepping on the fresh-scented lemony grass;
My feet kissing the earth, 
I look up the sky and stretch my arms wide,
I twirl and whirl, the tiny droplets falling on me.

I dance to the rhythm of the Water-God;
Lovely rain; embrace my spirit,
Sweet rain; envelope my being,
Mighty rain; heal my soul.

.    .    .