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'Period' is not an unknown theme to anyone. Every girl and woman has to belong through the phase period, every month. I don't think that it's only a gender issue but it is a social issue, especially the blind beliefs related to it.

Still today; in our modern society, the period is an issue like a taboo. There are so many unnecessary rules and regulations, regarding period or menstruation. Women and girls in today's life also do not allow Kitchen, rituals and ceremonies, and many more things. Some conservative people argued that those rules and regulations, during menstruation, were made by our ancestors with logic. Because during those days women were counted as impure.

First of all, we all just have to learn that women are not impure or polluted because of the menstruation cycle. Menstruation is a part of every woman's life which furnishes the blessing of motherhood. Without getting a period no woman should be entitled to the identity of being a mother. It is the procedure to formulate a woman's body to prepare for healthy motherhood.

And the 2nd thing is during ancient days there were rules and regulations, made for women not because they are not pure but to take care of women's health. During the days of menstruation, women have to suffer through numerous physical suffering as well as mood swings. They are not able to do much stuff because of their suffering. And the chance of getting infected was also very high. That's why to take care of women's hygiene and health, those rules and regulations were made, to protect them but not harm or abandon them.

But in today's society, the definition was changed, and is misunderstood theory of menstruation. Menstruation is a new beginning in every girl's life, from girl to being a woman. To embrace themselves as a new person and personality. And to introduce a new life to the world by bearing a baby.

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