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We all want to have a better hold on our finances but most of the time we miss out on the action thing. Investing is not rocket science but most people feel that it's complex and so they don't try much to have a better investment plan and better results. We all invest in some way or another but there are some tiny things to remember to avoid any losses and also to get better results. All that is needed is some small changes and consistency!

One example of investing is very popular and it's about none other than Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett is one of the biggest shareholders in the Coca-Cola company, and the amount he earns from the dividend income of Coca-Cola is more than what Coca-Cola CEO earns from his salary! So this example shows the power of Smart Investing.

The point is to start as early as possible to make things work better.

These are some points to remember while starting your investment journey:-

Investment Budget:

Have a plan first as per your need and resources. Then stick to it. While having an investment budget do keep in mind your retirement, emergency funds, and tax planning too. We used to hear that money attracts money but this doesn't happen automatically, we have to make conscious efforts to let our finances attract more money by investing it smartly. So the first thing to have in the investment journey is to have an investment budget. Because not having an investment budget can lead to Investing beyond your capacity and this can get you into a financial crunch. Not having an investment budget can lead to investment too which is also not a healthy thing. The thumb rule is never to use your emergency funds for investing. Emergency funds should be kept safe in an emergency fund account. If you don't have an emergency fund then it's better to have it and after that go for investing. Without an emergency fund don't start your investing. Emergency funds will cater to your needs when your investment is at a not-so-profitable stage. In this scenario, you won't have to redeem your investment and you can use the emergency fund instead.

Do your Research:

There are always some popular investments in the market. But don't just follow them blindly and do your research. Never opt for quick rich schemes because most of the time these schemes don't fulfill their promise. Being patient is the key and gives some time to let your investment grow. Paper Assets are tricky so while opting for stocks and bonds do study the balance sheet and profit and loss statement of the company. These details are available on the company's site. If the company is making a profit consistently then it's a good idea to invest in it.

There are so many websites and apps which show the data of leading companies where you can get ideas to pick some for investment. If you don't have much time to study data then go for blue-chip companies which are always safe and effective.

See the point is instead of following someone's advice blindly it's better to build your knowledge and then invest.


Patience is the key. Many people just withdraw after a short period, feeling that their expected returns were not fetched. See if this is the case then you can never get good results. So you have to give time to get your finances to fetch handsome returns. So being patient is important in investing. Be careful that the greed factor does not overtake the outcome. Good things take a long time!

Market conditions:

See we listen to things that market is not good to invest now or after such and such time the market will be good to invest. But these concerns are not true. The market is always good for Investing. The thing that matters is what decisions and choices you make. The important thing is your knowledge and research which defines the results. Time is always good to invest.


Whenever you invest, don't just keep higher returns in mind. Liquidity, security, tax planning, and stability factors too shall be kept in mind while investing. Even many people invest to diversify their investment portfolio. Diversifying funds is controversial. But as a newbie, diversification is considered good.

Gut feeling:

When you are going for huge investing do consider your gut feeling too. Although no science can define the future market picture. We can just know the current market scenario but one can never predict accurately how the market will be in the future. So being careful while making huge investments is necessary and don't follow market trends blindly. There are so many examples where people were about to invest in good returns schemes but they stopped because their gut feeling was not aligned with the same and in the next day or two that fund crashed. So be extra careful while making big investments. Take a day or two rather than instantly making the decision.

Keep tracking:

Never forget tracking after the investment. Do keep a regular track of it. It's not advisable to check how your funds are performing on daily basis but it's good to check them every week.


Compounding can do wonders, not only in investing but in every aspect of life compounding gives awesome results. So better start now to get the benefits of compounding. It depends on the individual fund as well as so many other factors and the time it will require to get your desired results. So do give that time to it.


Educate yourself, and never stop learning. Investing is a very lengthy subject and one can never get hold of everything. But still, it's better to keep yourself educated so that you can make good decisions and have great returns. In today's digital world there are so many applications and websites that can enhance your financial knowledge and help you grow. Never stop learning.


Investment is a journey that goes on. Never stop after attaining a certain mark. Just keep on going. Invest consistently.


Diversification is good. The simple thing about diversification is, that if one fund is not performing well the other one may get benefits. So diversification gives safety. Although many big investors criticize diversification, for a beginner it's always good to invest in different funds or assets. Many people tend to invest in real estate but gone are those days when real estate was super lucrative. So invest in real estate too but do not ignore the Paper Assets.

Wish you A Happy Investment Journey!

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