Photo by Jordan Heinrichs on Unsplash


There was a baby elephant who was kept in circus for traning.  Every day he was untied for sometime for circus training and then he was tied again with the rope.  Later the baby elephant grew as a strong young elephant. But his mental status was conditioned that he can't break his role and can never be free. As no one was there to tell him that as a baby he was weak to break but as he grow and attain natural power the same rope would be breakable..!  Ji life routine was the same he use to practice and perform in the circus and then he was tied to his place..! The elephant was so use to with this tied life that he never thought of having a fulfilling life. 

One day an old elephant saw him tied at a corner and asked him for a life a "real life" of a jungle..! The young elephant said that as he is tied up with rope how can he be into a jungle. The old and wise elephant told him this is the fault which most of us commit in our life.  We never give a try, we are conditioned in such a way that we don't push ourselves to get a fulfilling life.   The old elephant advised the young elephant that as a kid, you were never such strong to break that rope which was used to cage you, and thus your conditioning of your mind became, "you will never be able to break that rope" and so you never tried to be free and have a natural life of a jungle, but now you are young and powerful so why not try for a wonderful and genuine life of jungle rather than a life of a caged animal.  The young elephant got the message loud and clear. The young elephant knew what is to be done now. He tried and just in seconds he was free from the fastening rope and was headed towards the jungle for a life where he was actually supposed to be .

The moral is life may seem stuck the door may seem open but we can push and open the door for new opportunities we can try and make our life more beautiful

- Dr. Priyanka Gupta