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Once upon a time there was a lady in an affluent family. She had a fulfilling life and a family and she was happy about it ! His rich husband provided her with every luxury and comfort .

The rich lady spent days and years in carefree mode as she had everything in life. She never cared about the emotional and spiritual things as her life was surrounded with plush things and she never cared about anything else in life. She had a son and he was also enjoying life and never cared about the future because he was always told that he would be looking for his father's well established business. Although the lady knew that his hubby spent less time with her due to the busy schedule of his business. Days and years passed like a wink and a time arrived when the young lady became aged and started falling sick many times. There were servants to look after her so she hasn't faced any hardship during her sickness. All the renowned doctors came to see her just by her call as she paid them a hefty amount. Although she was not having any trouble, sometimes she felt that her hubby and son don't pay attention to her and neither did they care about her ! She told them to spend time with her as she needs their company and conversation but her urge was not answered. Her hubby had started a new venture abroad and so he decided to stay there and look after the business. The business of his hubby had expanded and so his hubby remained out of the town most of the time. And this way the poor lady was left behind with the helpers to take care. Day by day her feeling of belongingness became more and more powerful and she decided to give an ultimatum to her son to come back to home. But she was shocked by the response she got from her son and her hubby. They told her that she can move to an old age home where she will get lots of people to accompany her and she will be happy with them.

This was weird advice but the old lady followed it. She found the best old age home and started living there. She was happy there and her son and hubby used to call her every weekend. The old lady bought her college time personal diaries there and daily she read one page of her diary.

She remembered how she joked with her school friends and in college bunked the class and went for a movie. She even remembers her ex in her college days with whom she had a wonderful chemistry. She at times felt that she missed him ! She wondered where his ex would be. She searched his name on social media but nothing was reflected. She remembered how his ex promised to her to be with her for his whole life. She even remembers through her diary how her ex didn't accept a lucrative job in another town as he didn't want to let her be alone. But in her young age she was carried away by money and so she married a rich man as per her parents wish. His ex was from a humble family and so he was not accepted by the ladies parents as a groom. 

She sometimes feels like meeting his ex and asking for an apology. She felt if he would have been in her life, maybe she wouldn't be at an old age home. 

One day on the foundation day of the old age home she joined the other old aged residents in the function hall for the ceremony. She was told that the owner will address every one and will provide more facilities in the old age home too. The cultural hall was beautifully decorated with lights and posters to welcome its owner. The old lady too waited for the owner. As the owner arrived the hall was filled with applause and excitement. The old lady was shocked to see her ex boyfriend on the stage ! His ex hadn't noticed the old lady in the crowd who was once her girlfriend. The ex told about his noble work he did for old people by establishing ten old homes and so many orphanages. He told how his girlfriend left her just to marry a rich man. He told me he knows how it feels when our favourite people drift apart. He continued that he never married and he wanted to give people who are abundant a home like shelter ! The old lady could not control her emotions and tears rolled down her face. She left the cultural hall as she didn't have the courage to face the owner of the old age home who was her loving boyfriend once.

That day the old lady wrote in her diary, Yes money is important but where there is no affiliation and bonding money is useless.

She decided that she would let her son marry his girlfriend who came from a humble family and was not rich like hers. Earlier she rejected the son's demand for marrying his girlfriend who was from a financially humble background.

The old lady was regretting her decision she made years back ! 

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