It's a memory from the past which doesn't have any connection with the present but it surely has a connection with the past. Life is divided into various phases in which some are good whereas some are very good but it can never be bad it can be just not good enough to become the best. For these virtual photographs, our mind act as an album that has the collection of many memories from our past which has nothing to do with the present but still we keep it safe for our satisfaction.

Each photograph tells us a story. When you were a child, your parents clicked many pictures of yours so that when you grow up you can live your childhood once again by seeing those pictures. When you go on a trip with your friends or family then also you click many pictures so that you can show them to someone or you can keep it with yourself as a happy memory.

But the real struggle is with virtual photographs which only you can see but can not show. It's a beautiful memory of such moments in which you were so busy living those that you didn't feel to trap it in a photograph, it was just you and your happiness.

Some flashbacks from the past are the virtual photographs that are being saved in an album that has been stored in my mind. Some happy moment that has no existence, some sad memory that should not have enough space, some untold stories that have no listener, some music that has no name, and a person whose existence doesn't matter anymore.

Some virtual photographs are beautiful in another way that we love to remind but never want to live again, it brings a pretty smile with lots of tears and makes us confused because we didn't understand how someone special suddenly become ordinary.

We remember that laugh, that evening and the talk which can never be forgotten but having the desire of living it again can only cause pain because if it was good for us then it would never have been past, rather it would be with us forever.

A memory in the form of a virtual photograph is something that can never be erased instead it can add color to our future. Bad memories will protect us from doing something wrong and good memories will give us hope that good thing happens.

A photograph symbolizes that "nothing lasts forever, but memories do".

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