Image by Tumisu from Pixabay 

We were all aware of the fact that there are only two races on earth, one is male and the other is female. It's called the eunuch league. But this race has been included in the human population on earth and this race has been seen in society in a worse way than the small, untouchable.

It is not in anyone's hands to be born in this third race, human intellect cannot accept that this third race arises scientifically due to some defect in the body. Just as women have to fight for their existence on earth, the life born in this race has to fight to the death. In a way that is always damned, and guilty. His life is like hell. Even though there is some scope for the third gender in India, it is still not the respect that every common man has. Even today such a child cannot be accepted by the people of his family. Yes, if there is a rich family, there are many other options for that child but the members of poor or ordinary families consider this child a stain of shame. Don't these people have rights?

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