Image by jplenio from Pixabay 

Did you just get the feeling of euphoria after reading the title? Well, I sure did just by typing it. I want to play all day long in those lush green fields with my children; a 9 to 5 working mother would have got this feeling. I want to gaze at starry sky and show my daughter different constellations; a father who goes on month long office tours would have got this feeling. I just want to feel the cool gush of breeze and immerse in that feeling, just living the moment, sighing a sign of relief; a hardworking college student would have got this feeling. I just want to sleep listening to this sweet melodious music and hope I awaken to a new day where this world plays fair with me; a bummed out person would have got this feeling.

Has it ever happened to you that everything is going on smoothly in your life, but still sometimes; for absolutely no reason, you feel bummed out, and revert to listening to music, have a long walk by yourself or just sit down at one place and stare dreamingly at the evening sky? If you are an artistic person, you paint a portrait, or write poems, or play a soft note on a piano or a guitar? Why does this happen for just one day; then you feel perfectly fine the very next day? And how does lush green fields, starry night sky, glistening water waves, cool flowing breeze and sweet melodious music calms you down?

Answer to this question is - because life happened. We pack our bags and enter this world crying out of our mother’s womb. At that time our co-passengers are just two people- our mom and dad. They become our travel guides and along with us visit new tourist attractions like kindergarten, our first play date, our first day at school, our last day at school, our graduation and our farewell. They help us through rough terrains like our first fight with our classmate, our first argument with our friend, our first failure at school exam, our first failure at clearing our entrance exam, our first breakup. We revisit that place with your two trustworthy co-passengers and finally you are able to cross those rough terrains. Now we enter college; a whole new exciting journey. A stop at various villas; first sleepover, first pillow fight, first fist fight, first intro trip that is sponsored by our seniors, first drink, first night out, first only girls’ goa trip, first along with boys’ crazy trip with free bike rides, first cake makeup, first attempt at a mature relationship, first experience of living that crazy single life. We tend to ignore our first 2 co-passengers who gave us test runs for this incredible journey of life and now for no reason or for some absolute bullshit reason we just don’t want to take a trip with them anymore. Your stupid, temporary, who are of no help to you, modern co-passengers suddenly become your world. You having a crush, you meeting your crush, you vibing with your crush and ultimately getting rejected by your crush; are suddenly the only places you want to visit again and again and that to with that same co-passenger of yours; that stupid emotionless freak crush of yours. You being one day the sole star of your gang of friends, the next day that hot, most beautiful single girl amongst the single girls of your group, and the very next day ignored and neglected by that same gang of friends of yours; that’s the only places written in your destiny to visit. Your first 2 co-passengers; what they might be doing now? Well, they have moved long ago to a different city; enjoying a life of their own. You don’t have the address to their place; even if you know the name of that city.

So, where are you now; stuck in traffic of countless people at a stretch of not just hours; but days weeks and sometimes even months; and you are unable to find your friends. Maybe they are stuck in the very same traffic.

And exactly this is when you just want to drive away to those lush green fields, you just want to run towards those glistening water waves, you just want to fly along with cool evening breeze and that’s when you want to listen to those sweet melodious music all by yourself while walking; because that’s what gives you the most peace and relief and happiness and a sense of living; going on a solo-trip.

You come back the next day; calm and cool; and enjoy that surprise trip with your friends, vibe with that special person of yours and talk for hours and hours over phone with your dearest; those first 2 co-passengers of yours.

So, does disappearing for days altogether and cutting off communication with your friends and family members for few days, means you are depressed? Hell no, this is just a slight detour; to strengthen yourself to move forward on this journey called life.

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