Image by Danielle Tunstall from Pixabay 

Mission 2020, the vision of Dr. APJ Kalam has always inspired me, whenever there would have been an article on this, I was soo much fascinated to read and dream about it. I couldn’t even recall how many times this vision of Kalam Ji motivated me to visualize the future where the world would be wonderful. How this was discussed by me in lots of gatherings and I could really see that soon or later mission 2020 was not only the lookout of Dr. Kalam but also of every Indian. But what actually turned out in 2020!! Is an open secret. Covid-19 and its variants invaded the complete mankind and forget about development, survival became a battleground. Every aspect of growth collapsed like it was made up of playing cards. Every segment of society paid and fought with this, the battle against the Novel Coronavirus is still on. Lockdowns, the siren of ambulances, and havoc of unseen enemy still haunt around. How many of us lost our beloved! How many of us spent time in isolation! How many of us were living in hallucinations! Everyone on this planet paid the price in one way or the other. But, who is going to compensate for this? Who is responsible for this turmoil? Who is the traitor?

In February 2022, clouds of War started curdling around; Russia attacked Ukraine. For months this battle is going on. Everyone is worried about what is next card going to reveal! Will this turn into World war three? This uncertainty is creating a new wave of fear. Russia gave a clear warning that no one should interfere and no one is doing it!

Being an educationalist, a teacher, and a learner I am in dilemma. Yes, I am in dilemma that whether I am teaching and giving correct information to my students and whether am I really getting a correct frame of these international bodies, who are always stating that maintaining peace, and harmony on this globe is their so-called mission. Poor children, learn so much about the UN and its formation, its mission, its agendas, its icons, its divisions, its segments, and what not. WHO was formed to maintain health and handle responsibilities to keep check that no epidemic or pandemic ever raises its head. But, what actually they did is a clear mockery; they mocked the complete frame of the UN and even insulted the complete mankind. Even after so much of their mismanagement and diffused operations, they never had the nerve to apologize or even hold China guilty of its conduct.

I quote “ to reduce and eliminate extreme poverty, to ensure the sustainability of economic and social development, to strengthen human dignity and rights, and to prevent violent conflicts.” Is a vision statement of the United Nation. So this is how they are maintaining peace by remaining silent. NATO also had a similar vision. But see how in a couple of years it left its core value of being defensive to attacking. These international organizations are sitting there just to please their stakeholders; their core members still enjoy Veto power. World Trade Organization believes in free and fair trade policies, which will decide the fairness of these policies.

Gulf war, Capturing of Afghanistan by Taliban, present conflict, and the list is long. Please stop fooling people around. What I personally feel and I am sure that many of you would agree with me that we don’t need these name-sake organizations, that are just giving shelter to some spoiled brats. Who is not worthy to take care of mankind, who is so much biased in their implications and judgments. It is high time for the UN to introspect its frame, approach, and implications. They need to be accountable for their decisions. They need to understand that it is a time of globalization, where every nation is developing, educating its manpower, producing intellectuals, and rearing a tribe of generations, who is not going to be a mere spectator. They are in this era where they can’t be the protector of stakeholders. They need to make sure that norms are framed and followed by every nation like a religion.

Universal standards are required. We are fed up with all these outbreaks and seriously we all need a break. We need a break from these funky minds, who are playing with humanity. We need these changes as soon as possible so that the world is in peace and not in pieces.

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