As individuals, we all expect that others should give us respect and love which we consider to be our human rights. Sound silly, Isn’t it? But, it’s a fact that nobody from us wishes to be totally neglected or completely deprived of his/her so-called human right. One may tolerate certain acts of others that go against his/her rights up to a certain limit but not beyond all limits. This is because none of us can totally and absolutely dissociate ourselves from our feelings of individuality.

Times have changed quite a lot. Everybody nowadays is least a bit concerned about how they make another person feel. What we lack is humanity and empathy towards the ones we know the least. For everybody focuses on their own personal struggles, forgetting that others are suffering too, dealing with the same hell but with a different devil altogether!!

When we talk about humanity, there are various perspectives to look at it. The most straightforward way to understand humanity is this simple definition- Everything that makes you human can be considered as a part of humanity. This can be love, faith, hope, fear, and much more. All these attributes are a part of humanity because you experience them regularly while living your life.


Yes, sometimes and that’s okay. As humans, we are all born a little selfish. Being selfish doesn’t mean thinking about yourself completely and starting indulging in helping others. If you look positive side of your selfishness, it means setting limits & boundaries when needed. It also means saying “NO”! At times, in order to preserve much-needed energy and take care of ourselves is an also urgent necessity.

Even though it’s defined as being concerned with only your own personal pleasure and profit, as well as lacking consideration for others, we still think of selfishness as the times when we are simply putting ourselves first.

It doesn’t matter that you are emotionally and physically exhausted, or that your mental health is suffering. You might lie awake in bed, thinking about how should have done something differently or been better in some other way. Saying "NO" feels like a failure, like you are incompetent or unequipped to handle day-to-day life.

But if staying in helps you prioritize yourself and your own energy healing, are you really being selfish?

When the word “selfish” comes to mind, it often sparks negative connotations at first. We think self-centered, self-serving, and self-involved. And we’re supposed to avoid only “me and my interest”, right? To instead try to live for the good of all humankind, since giving it taught as preferential to taking?

Just like all things, there’s a spectrum. Sometimes the right thing is to be “selfish”. And just because something defines something you’ve done selfishly doesn’t mean you have to define it on their terms. Sometimes being selfish isn’t a bad thing. There are times when being selfish is the right thing to do for your health and well-being. There are also times when taking care of yourself is necessary.

"It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary." - Mandy Hale



We are living in this world because there are other people. Life takes place in relation to others, whether it’s someone from India or from other countries, that does not really matter, it is the same human being. Your idea of separate humans is just an idea; otherwise, all are interrelated and inter-connected. People would love to be around you and people will bless you. Blessing never comes from the Gods; in fact, it can only come from living beings. Hence, you must help people if you want a blessed life.

If you look at the world closely, then you will see there is inequality. For e.g.-There are many people who don’t even have food to eat. Now that is something sad because it is a basic thing that every living must have. But humans have become the only creatures that are starving. No other animals and birds are starving. There are people who are also struggling to have shelter and clothes; the world is an utterly depressing place to live now. You must find some way to give shelter to poor people. You might not be able to build a home but you can contribute to the community center to feed and give shelter to the people who live differently in the community.

Equality is vital in any society or the world at large. When there’s inequality. It would be difficult for a nation to progress. It ensures that there’s no discrimination against anyone. Everyone is treated to be equal and treated the same way. And as a result, people in society will have the freedom to associate with others, share their knowledge, and get involved in activities that can have a positive impact on society. Equality breeds confidence and makes people more sociable.

People should not have lesser life chances owning their family background, race, religion, beliefs, disability, or gender. Every individual must be treated with equal respect and allowed to do whatever they want. They should have the free will to speak and associate with anyone. The ideology behind this equality is that everyone is born equal and free. It means we are all blessed with similar talents and gifts. And as such, no individual is superior to others. We are all the same.

Why it’s good for People to Be Different??

Differences are important and they should be respected. It’s good for people to be different. Some people think it is wired for people to be different than them. They will tease them and make fun of the person just for something that they like or enjoy doing that they don’t like themselves. A lot of people think it’s good to just be like everyone else and to just do the same thing that everyone else does. But in reality, the world is so much better with variety and something unique with each person and without any of that this world would be so dull.

No matter how much you try not to judge others or how much you try to escape it, it happens anyways. Just keep asking yourself this question: Who are you to judge someone else? To make comments about how that person lives his/her life? To put down if you don’t agree with something they have said or done? It’s not like we all are meant for the same path. We aren’t all supposed to end up in the same place, in the same situations, or end up with the same results in life. So why are people think they have the right to tell others that they are wrong? Who’s to say that the choices they are making won’t lead them to where they are meant to be? I think that’s what I found most frustrating about people who are constantly judging others. They seem to think that everyone is meant for the same thing, mean for the same purpose, but, no that’s wrong. We all have our own paths, our own journeys, and our purpose in life. Stop judging people all the time and just let them live their lives how they wish. Just because their path doesn’t match yours, doesn’t mean they are wrong. They are their own person. There are stories behind every person, there is the reason why they are the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone.

“Everything in this world has a purpose. It might seem worthless, but the fact is that everyone plays a vital role in earth. Each person’s map of the world is unique as the person’s thumbprint because every person is different, thinks differently and has unique characteristics that made them act differently”.

Diversity among People:

We are all distinguished and united by differences and similarities according to our gender, culture, language, age, race, sexual identity and in many cases income level. There are these diverse qualities that challenge our intellect and emotions as we learn to work and live together in harmony. Diversity is not about gender, skin color, ethnic background, religion, speaking different languages, or belonging to different cultures; it’s also thinking and expressing things differently. Here, Diversity means appreciating the differences between people and treating people’s values, beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles with respect. One thing that plays a very important role is “Language”, which we as people use to communicate with. A language can bring one nation together and separate it at the same time. In today’s society, unfortunately, if you don’t speak the language that the majority of people speak you are often put down and even ignored. And in the same society being “different” is not easy. What I mean by “different” is having a different background, speaking” broken English”, and being part of a different culture. Even though most of us know that this nation is formed on diversity; people still haven’t learned to tolerate one another’s differences and somehow learn from them. However, every day that goes by more people is realizing even more that these differences make us who we are. They shape the way we think and express ourselves and our opinion about others.

All these criteria would help people learn how to deal with diversity and become more knowledgeable about it. There are many people in this world of ours and they are all different, they are part of different religions, gender, background, and different sex identity and what brings us all together is the understanding that we are all unique and by giving each other a chance to express our ideas and opinions we grow individuals and learn to appreciate others for who they are.


In today's world, people are never satisfied with what they have. For example,

The simplest thing that exists in the modern world is money. A lot of people think that money can make us happy. Sometimes it is a fairy because we can buy a significant amount of interesting things such as a nice car, a beautiful house, and an upscale dress. In addition, we can buy not only certain things but also perfect education, pieces of art and many more things.

Therefore, money can make us happy without any doubt. However, usually, people do not satisfied with this certain amount of money that they have today. They want more and more. This leads them ahead but on the other hand, they make them unsatisfied and unhappy. For our happy life, we have to listen to our hearts and not rush to get a lot of money or something like that. We have to be satisfied with what we have now because we are already happy now, it does not matter how much money or other good things we have.

People learn throughout their entire lives. Some people prefer to read books and gain knowledge from them. Others prefer to learn from their own experience. Also, there are people who prefer to learn from others by listening to their advice and analyzing their mistakes. For several reasons, each of these ways to learn new things has many advantages. Personally, a combination of these ways is the best way to learn and gain more knowledge and experiences.

People should appreciate what they have and always be grateful. As human beings, we all are different in many ways. We all are created by the same God, but we do have some variations. Not all things are perfect, adorable, and perfectly the best. But there is only one thing that makes one exceptional, regardless of family background and other problems. Everyone is unique and gifted in some ways.

A Little Care, Love, and Compassion are All We Need:

The world, if we look from a human life perspective, is full of tragedies, problems, pains, and sufferings. Most people are surrounded by problems that ail their happiness. So, somewhere we all suffer. The reason and magnitude can differ. But if we only care about our problems and sufferings, then humanity itself will be questioned. We should, at all times, try to feel what another person is going through. This will help to understand their conditions and will enable us to be thoughtful. When we try to understand the pain of others and how they are feeling in a painful situation, then we try to help them. If not more, we at least don’t try to increase their problems.         


Love and compassion are definitely the essence of human life. We cannot imagine humanity without them. Even animals, who have less thinking capability than us, exhibit their nature that has love and care for their race.

Quite the same is with humans. Even before the beginning of our human life, love and compassion came in. When a baby is in the womb of the mother, he is completely in her love and care. From the air that he breathes to the nutrition that he receives is received from his mother. After he is born, a baby is completely dependent on his mother. An infant is not capable of doing anything of its own. Hence it is the love and care of his mother that makes him live. So, being a mother itself is the greatest example of love and compassion. The amount of sacrifice a mother has to do to raise a child is enormous and cannot be compared to anything in the world.

Love and compassion are a state of mind that should be with us all the time. There are endless moments when we can shower love and care on others.
We all need love and care
We are humans after all.


The most important religion is humanity- just being a good human being defines you everywhere. All that you need to work upon is being helpful to the needy at all times and in every place. Being loving and caring towards all living beings even plants and animals, and above all to understand another person's problem and realise the situations they are in and be considerate.

Perhaps, we humans need a physical symbol to remind us about the how of being human too. Essential to our humanness is how we treat each other on this Earth, the human being is totally unique in his or her capabilities: compassion, forgiveness, reasoning, patience, and courage, to name a few. Interacting with other humans demands using these capabilities so that we do not become less human, always recognize one another, and never forget who we are- human beings, not just beings.

As soon as we understand the importance of humanity in day-to-day life, the purpose for which is on Earth is automatically fulfilled.

.    .    .