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As we have seen major issues of female foeticide in India, especially in rural areas, the frequency of female foeticide is growing day by day. Even elderly women hate girls, they don't realise one thing that they too were born as a girl child and became women as they aged, but they forget everything and hate girls. 

According to a survey mainly in rural areas, families can't bear daughters due to the economic pressure as a system of dowry and says that they don't provide any social advantages as boys provide. This is evident from the declining sex ratio, especially in northern states. According to the census of 2011 in India, there are only 100 females per 107.48 males and India has only 48.20% of female population female and 51.80 % male population. 


  1. Parents don't want a baby girl because they have to give a big amount as a dowry.
  2. There is a faith that girls are always consumers and boys are producers, thus parents nowadays understand that sons will earn money for their whole life and care for their parents, whereas girls will be separated from their families after marriage.
  3. There is stress on the new bride of the family to give birth to the male child.
  4. The poverty of people.
  5. The low status of women. 
  6. Violance against women.


  1. Law must be implemented strictly and should be surely punished if found guilty.
  2. Campin and seminar should be organised on awareness of Female foeticide.
  3. Hospitals that encourage female foeticide should be banned.
  4. Education for Girls.

Indian Government introduced PNDT Act in 1994 in which if a person or individual found guilty will be punished with 3 years of jail and 50,000/- rupees as penalty charges. 

This is the reality that NO PRESENT, NO PAST, NO FUTURE without a girl child. 

  • Save Girls and secure a Bright Future. 
  • Today's Girls Tomorrow's Nation.
  • Female Foeticide is Sucide.
  • Respect Girls and Get Respected.

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