Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Ever felt alone even in a group of people?

Ever felt worthless even though you aren’t?

Ever felt lost and confused as to why you exist?

I’ve felt it too.

I’ve always kept all my problems to myself because I felt that if I had told anyone about them they might feel burdened by them or they might judge me, so I kept it all pent up for years. Some problems might be small whilst some are so big that they left me scarred for years even up until now… Let me tell you something, Don’t Keep it all to yourself we all need help, be it physical help or mental help. It doesn’t make you weak, on the other hand, you’re strong for being able to bring up a topic that is sensitive to you, you’re more respected for it, just make sure you tell the right person who knows your worth. Don’t let those problems drain the happiness out of you, don’t let them rule you, you’re precious in someone’s eyes, you are worthy of all the happiness, you’re valuable you’re amazing in your own kind of way,

You’re an ‘Imperfected Perfection‘!

Your flaws down devalue you, instead, they make you more valuable, for you have gained a lot of experiences from those situations you’ve learnt certain morals from them, and you’ve grown more mature from them. You’re not a puppet, you’re not controlled! Just know that you have a choice and happiness isn’t a WANT it’s a Need and you need to keep it as your first priority. Try to find happiness in yourself not in materialistic things, Goods will vanish but you won’t you’ll always have yourself, so learn to appreciate yourself cause no matter what the circumstance you’re in, You’re still valuable. Your soul is priceless, your body is a temple, so always respect and value it.

Thank you for your existence. 

.    .    .