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Megha, "Mummy, you know when I'll get married. I'll not do these household chores and will continue with my job."No, Megha what about your future husband and in-laws, you have to follow tradition because as a female and especially after getting married continuing a job and managing the house won't be easy for you, and your in-laws won't allow it "Megha's mom replied. Isn't that weird how Megha's mom replied in our life whether be it male or female we have heard either of such STEREOTYPICAL sentences? Yes, that's true our today's topic is STEREOTYPES which is either heard by us told to someone, or told by someone.

'STEREOTYPES' as the topic reads suggests only one word that is JUDGEMENT or VERIFICATION done by our very own society, normal people. This society is basically who gives us validation for doing such things or not. Actually, I would like to share one incident that took place in my life. I was attending my sister's wedding and there was a Mehendi ceremony, I personally am not a big fan of Mehendi so decided not to apply when my relatives saw this each and every 'AUNTY' of mine was asking me and judging me. This might appear small incident and you might not find it stereotypical. But that really hit me because everyone was judging me for not putting Mehendi. Because being a girl doing girly things is a must. This whole incident led me to write this essay. These are such small-small things that make sense when we start thinking practically.

Now, the question arises how do stereotypes affect us and our level of thinking? Stereotypes are that type of verification that is given by our very own society. In this way, I would say that our very own family believes that if this person's thinking is slightly different then they would either get offended or try to clear our sentence as well as our thinking. But society does that to judge one's children and pass judgment on others. We, as well as our family, become victims in this case. They will opinionate us on whether I should put on weight, lose weight or increase my fairness, height, etc. for which I'll become suitable for marriage Is that right readers because I guess you will agree with me either the way? Now, let's discuss various stereotypes that we have heard or have gone through:


Let it be male or female our society stereotypes us on basis of our gender. If male then stereotyped to be tall, handsome, dusky having beard physical means. Let's take an example if a boy is 18+/18 years old and is not having a beard then some of these gentlemen try to give us nuskas to grow a beard. Because you are beyond the age and not able to get hair growth.If female then of course we know that clothes stereotype us very well. Showing cleavage is not okay, going to bars, having male friends, and being bold, not okay. Our normal people want females to be shy, not speak much, and be able to do household chores. If males were then all hairy, doing all outside work, not doing household chores, and so on. But they need to understand that 'BEING DIFFERENT IS OKAY'.


So, here comes another type of stereotype that basically revolves around gender stereotypes. According to society, only males with females should get married. But if we come out as different and tell our family they would support us but they would also worry about the outcome. If gay, lesbian, or transgender then not only spreading the news but also judging us and telling this will only increase the problems. If not either of them but if a man likes to wear heels, and apply nail polish then would also judge and say what type of fashion nowadays. But honestly, all LGBTQ communities are getting more respect and being more accepted than before still, it needs to keep increasing.

So, be the type of stereotype or their replies when somebody tries to shut us down for being different they consider us to be a fool for not following in the same footsteps or in bad influence. But one thing can never change stereotyping or judging others won't change them but would push them up to doing differently. So including me and all the people going through the stereotypical taunts:


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