Image by shanghaistoneman from Pixabay 

Being busy with our work, sometimes we forget about many things which should have been valued by us. These are very tiny things which are ignored by us every time. Like one zero can make a number 10 times bigger, for example: if we add one ‘0' with 2500 (two thousand five hundred) which is not a big amount, it will be 25000 (twenty-five thousand). If we count this in money, it will be so much amount that most people don't have. But also when we don't have anything we call it “Zero". Thus, zero has different values in different times such that it can be nothing somewhere and also can be such a thing which could change one's life. This could be further applied in our daily life.

I used to think, that some people are just trash in our life. They just do nothing but eat our goods and destroy our money. I argued with her each and every time, I was tired of her. My thoughts were like ‘what she does for us? Just cooking food and serving us that'. I just thought of her as a maid in our house who just cooks for us for free of cost. But one day everything got changed. While cooking suddenly she passed out, we called the ambulance and brought her to the hospital immediately but after a few days, the doctor informed us, that she is no more. For the first time, I had seen tears in my dad's eyes. I felt so bad that I cursed her all the time, maybe that's why God has taken her from me and it came out true. After finishing the rituals, there was none but me and my father only. The way she took my care, in such that way none could. I realized that the way I thought it was completely wrong. I was collapsing day by day. I never thought the world could be this without my mother. But the time was already over for realising, I didn't get time to hug her and say “I Love You, Mom!"

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