Image by RENE RAUSCHENBERGER from Pixabay 

While the stars lit up 
and adorned the sky
for their fancy events;
With the moon she sat
and whispered to it-
about the glorious date night
and its magical moments!

The warm waves caressed her feet
as the cool breeze got along too,
to which she began
her midnight serenic tale-

"I could hear my breath
and beats grow louder-
as her footsteps drew attention 
of all the senses in my head.

Her aura sparkled her arrival- 
as she walked past
the empty tables;
glittering her trail
with the undefiled verve 
that she carried along,
she served to be the one 
with inexplicable divine beauty!

My thoughts were
still processing
her sublime presence,
When in no time
she came closer and 
cherished me in a hug.

The redness flushed 
through my cheeks and nose
 and the bittersweet feelings
stuttered my breath,
while the glistening eyes
tried holding back 
~the downpour of 
all the graved emotions!

She then kissed my forehead;
~her gentle velvety touc
surged a sensational wave
which broke down all the walls
and a cascade of tears 
flowed down my cheeks.

I didn't want to let go
of her warm embrace,
for I had always craved 
an affection
~as pure as hers!

She looked into my teary eyes
held my cold shivery hands
and warmed them 
with her golden verse
~I loved you then
I love you still
always have
and I forever will!

Her words 
calmed my chaos
and relieved me into a sigh,
graced my scars
and revived my peace;
She escorted me
~on the road
to the dawn!

She was me,
She was the immortal portrayal
of my inherent conscience"

Oh, the sequinned star
in deep remorse,
gazed at her in avid,
as the moon melted 
~to the melody of her rhapsody!

.    .    .