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India is a place where each and every person despite the age, religion, and status, is fond of tea. Indian people have tea breaks or tea parties, tea can also be an important beverage of improving relations among neighborhood in India and it can also uplift moods. Indian people add ginger, basil leaves, cinnamon, etc. in their tea to give it the best taste to their mouth. Many people have Green Tea as it aids in maintaining weight, due to advertisements we’re aware about several brands of Normal teas as well as of Green Tea but we aren’t completely aware about the various types of tea available in the market and their benefits on our body. While the normal tea we consume contains caffeine which causes instant alertness to our mind, there are a lot of teas that aren’t just there to cause alertness or a treat to mouth or an aromatic beverage but also a healthy way to live your life with.

Blue tea:

It is the tea which is being prepared by boiling the sun-dried flowers in water (if one cup is needed to be prepared then, take one cup of water and drop a sun-dried flower in it and keep it on the flame till it gets boiled up. Adding a bit of honey and lemon can be an option.) This tea is naturally caffeine free and is also available in different flavors, such as butterfly pea flower, hibiscus, rose, chamomile, etc.

  • Butterfly Pea flower tea: When lemon drops are added to butterfly pea flower tea, it changes its color from blue to purple. This tea is packed with antioxidants which make it beneficial for hair as well as skin. Butterfly pea flower tea water can be used as a rinse for hair once done with the shampoo. Its water can also be freeze in cube forms as it promotes glowing skin. This tea is also beneficial in aiding weight loss by adding it regularly in your diet. It also helps in controlling better blood sugar levels. The best time to have the tea is early morning, once the yoga session gets wrapped up.
  • Hibiscus tea: This tea is beneficial as it’s packed with anti-oxides, vitamin C, and anthocyanin. And not just this, several studies have found that it fights inflammation, helps in higher blood sugar levels by calming with nerves. It too helps in lowering cholesterol levels and promotes weight loss as packed with antioxidants. It also boosts immunity as it’s full of vitamin C. in addition, taking it regularly could help in fighting bacteria in our body. This tea can be used to calm mood swings and is beneficial for hair as well as skin health.
  • Rose tea: It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin profile that can make it super beneficial for women to drink during their menstrual cycle as it clams the mood swings; as it is a traditional Chinese medicine to help in menstrual pain and cramps. It is also beneficial for hair and skin health and helps in weight loss. It can also act as an anti-aging treatment when frozen in the form of ice cubes and rubbed onto the face. It can also act as a rinse for hair after the shampoo.
  • Chamomile tea: Regular consumption keeps fever and common cold symptoms at bay. It also helps in reducing frequent breakouts of the skin, treats acne, even fades the spots, and also can be a secret to younger-looking healthy skin. Applying it under the eyes can reduce puffiness and under-eye dark circles. The best time for consuming it is at night before going to bed. As it relaxes muscles, therefore it helps reduce stress levels.

Oolong Tea:

It is a traditional Chinese tea; it’s extracted from the same plant from where green tea and black tea are produced. Only 2% of the population of the world consumes this tea, despite this it has a lot many health benefits. The tea contains caffeine but apart from that, it is packed with a number of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. It contains a good amount of Polyphones which can be beneficial for beauty and health. It is a rich source of antioxidants which not only help our body to detoxify but also improves the immune system. It can also help in controlling obesity and may help in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. This tea is also high on an amino acid called L-theanine which may help in reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality. It may help in decreasing the risk of any heart disease by improving heart health. This tea can uplift the mood and may also be beneficial for brain functions. It may also increase bone density and strengthen tooth enamel by reducing the formation of plaque. The best time to take this tea is 20-25 mins after having food. It is recommended to have 2-4 cups of tea in a day and not more than that.

Rooibos Tea or Red Tea:

This tea doesn’t contain any source of caffeine but still, it’s high in minerals, it can be a drink to calm your nerves and refresh your mood. It is a South African tea that comes out from the fermented leaves of the 'Aspalathus Linearis' shrub. This can be a rich source of antioxidants by reducing the wrinkles and improving the texture of the skin, it may also improve liver as well as heart health, and it may also be beneficial for hair health by improving the texture and adding a natural shine to them, it can also act like a rinse to hair after shampoo. The best time to take this tea can be when noon or night, before going to sleep as it soothes the nervous system. One must not consume more than 6 cups a day of Red Tea.

Matcha Green Tea:

It is a Japanese tea, it’s not only packed with anti-oxidants but also improves mental focus and it can be an instant energy drink as it contains caffeine that boosts your concentration level by making you charged up with energy and suppressing lethargy. The tea may also help in protecting the liver by detoxifying the body and flushing out the toxins from it. It also supports brain functions and heart health. It may also help in aiding weight loss by improving the metabolism and flushing out the excess fats. Adding tea to your diet may also help in promoting healthier cholesterol and it may have cancer-fighting effects in your body. It may also be responsible for providing glow, improving skin health, and wound healing and aiding other several skin-related issues. Ideally, not more than 2 cups of taking this tea is recommended and not more than that. The best time for this tea to be taken is before work, during exams or anytime when instant energy, attention and focus are required.

White Tea:

It is also a traditionally grown tea in China, apart from China it is also produced in Taiwan and India. White tea has more anti-oxidants than any other tea as it is less processed. White tea tends to be the most expensive among all the teas around the world as it is hand-harvested tea. It is the highest in antioxidants and polyphenols which may help in the anti-aging process by giving a healthy and glowing skin. It may also be supportive in boosting your metabolism and burning out excess fats from the body by aiding weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. It may also help in reducing the risk of any heart disease as it helps in reducing cholesterol levels due to its strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also contains the compounds that may help in fighting against Cancer, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. It also helps in protecting your teeth from any decay, plaque or any other dental issues and strengthens the enamel by supporting teeth and gums healthy. It has got naturally a mild and sweet aroma as well as taste which makes it outstanding among all the teas. It is recommended to drink 2-4 cups of this tea in a day and not more than that. The best time to take this tea is in the morning or after every meal.

Nettle Leaf Tea:

It is originated in Europe, North America, North Africa and a few other parts of Asia. It is derived from a plant called Stinging Nettle, this plant is common in making herbal medicines and its leaves too contain nutrition. It is a good source of vitamins, minerals and other necessary elements for our body. As it contains vitamins, such as C, D and K; minerals, that are- iron, selenium, zinc and magnesium. It has antioxidants, such as polyphenols, carotenoids and terpenoids. This tea may help in keeping heart issues at bay, it improves gut health and it may also be beneficial in boosting up the immune system. It may also help in kidney enhancement, reducing arthritis issues and can be a cure to UTI problems. It may also be beneficial in maintaining healthy skin as well as maintaining lustrous hair. It can also act as a rinse to your hair as it may add volume by helping them in thicken. It may also be helpful in curing hair loss issues and growing healthy hair. It may be super beneficial in especially male pattern hair loss issues. It is recommended to have not more than 2-4 cups a day of nettle leaves tea. The best time to have this tea is in the morning with breakfast or in the evening.

In a nutshell, I just want to add that consuming these teas may not only help us to focus better but can also improve our health by aiding our body to fight various types of health issues and adding on a number of vitamins, minerals, amino acid profile and other important elements in our body.

So, are you confused or have you decided, which tea are you gonna include in your diet?

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