Photo by Shaurya Sagar on Unsplash

In this moving world, I can see only one thing in people as a whole: the desire for a perfect life. We are the actual living example. To get to our intended destination, each of us is running and running. We as humans only have one thought running through our heads: "We want more." Nothing satisfies us, and our condition only craves more success in life. But how did this all begin? From where did this craving originate? The answers to these questions are still lost. In contrast, however, I can't say that I've found the cause, but this is what I have to say. "A perfect life is a myth." Everyone needs a perfect life, which involves a perfect bank balance, the perfect amount of luxury, a perfect life partner, the perfect appearance, and the perfect physique, and this list never lasts. The reason I am here says it all. When I was young, I wanted to have the best college for a perfect life. Here I am studying at NMIMS Mumbai, far away from my hometown, and I am still not satisfied with what I am doing. Countless instances are hanging in the air to support this, but the question remains: why perfect? The idea of perfection is the cause! We have given perfection so much significance that it has become the ideal reason for suffering. Just like other great things, like perfection, "happiness" is also a myth. Seeing other people do great things with joy brings us sadness and a feeling of disappointment that we are not at their level. Many people have proven that these people are the reason we are moving forward. I partially agree with this because it's negatively affecting society. Competing with them has become the motivation for moving forward. But the reality is that no one is happy! Many disagree with this statement, but in my words, not even one human being is happy. And here we are, grieving over the thought of wanting perfection just like him or her. The significance of happiness has become the reason for not being happy. But why not struggle? People should give struggling this much significance. because most of the people are struggling and are claiming they are unhappy because they are struggling. Today we have listened to some great speakers talk about how they achieved their perfect lives. The more importance we give to perfection and happiness, the harder it becomes for people to claim they are unhappy. For me, the definition of this perfect life is being imperfect. And make this struggling to be named the new happiness of life. Instead of appreciating the happy people, let's begin to acknowledge those who are struggling, who are making mistakes, who are learning, who are still on the way to achieving their dreams, and lastly, those who are living life with flaws. Because that's the meaning of life: living it with all its flaws and imperfections. Individuals usually avoid staying constant to act numb as they want a moving, happening life because they think that staying in one place will make them away from their final destination. But it's all an illusion. In Epistemology, we can state this as not staying in one place and not being numbed, which is filled in humans' beliefs. But since it's just a belief, we cannot state this as knowledge. Just like this, the idea of achieving an ideal life filled with happiness is also a belief. And not even one human being has come forward to change this belief. To sum up, I just want to say that perfection is a myth. One might look happy and perfect, but nobody knows what reality lies beneath. Looking at others, don't waste your time and efforts on making your life perfect. Invest your energy in discovering, learning, and building yourself up. Take each day as it comes, and take pride in your imperfections. As humans, we have already accepted the perfection and happiness of our beliefs, so let's take a step forward together and make our suffering the new ideal of perfection. And this perfection, instead of being a myth, will be a "lifelong truth."

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