Photo by Karolina Grabowska: pexels

What do I say, since we all know that talking about the topic of periods is not a new thing? Everybody has been discussing and talking about it trying to normalize talking about periods or menstruation. Talking about periods or going through them has always been seen as a dirty or an impure thing. It is still considered a taboo in social and cultural norms. We girls know that it s a normal thing to happen to every girl every month and that it is a god who has gifted us this, but why the people of this society aren’t understanding this? It is not exactly part of a period topic but still wanted to relate to it. When I was teaching in one school in a rural village in Karnataka, there I saw some female staff who wanted to go to the washroom, but they were silently whispering to each other and making signals that they wanted to go so they went and came, but then I asked saw that in the staff room some male staff were sitting in the staffroom so because of that they were silently talking about going to the washroom. But since I’m brought up in a city I did not know that all these things were not talked about openly. If this is not discussed openly then how will people ever talk about period topics openly? Another very common thing that I have heard about period taboo is that whenever any girl is going through her period she can’t go to the temples, is not allowed to attend any religious ceremonies, is not allowed in the kitchen, and can’t cook also. In rural areas girls are kept in a separate room when she’s going through their menstruation, she is kept alone in a separate room away from their family members until their periods get over. For five constant days, the girl has to stay in that room given separate food, in separate utensils. But the minute her periods get over she is allowed to do everything all the house chores. Why having or not having periods can have the same consideration. Instead of keeping the poor girl inside a lonely room why not educate the girls about periods and the hygiene that girls have to maintain during periods? There is no shame or embarrassment in talking about periods. 

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