At times I watch the Sun and I read it,
And wonder what’s her story?
Why she looks dazzling?
She acts as the mover and shaker of other celestial bodies,
But when she is lost, sky remains dark,
That time this world won’t think of her,
Yet she used to rise and never loses her self-worth, radiant and shine.

As in the case of the sun, People in this generation never understand the worth and shine of having fun on the ground until infect their internal mind, then it remains darker. We never puzzle out the significance of squandering out. Exiting outside, your ears listen to the soft whispering of birds, your eyes will capture the greenish creation, your nose will breathe quintessence of nature, and the sun glance at you with a smile. Mother earth is surprise bounded. It's human instinct to seek solace in routines with nature that are known. They are more willing to adventure and explore many (Amanda Dodge, 2018). Going outside the technological boundary will bring your kith and kin into the picture. This regulates the emotions, sensitivity, creativity, and flexible your internal mind. Spending time in a ground bring positive effect in motivating and having real-life experience. Amid the covid-19 pandemic, we struct into the technology. The internet and mobile phones are making life better. But keeping ears, eyes, and face out of computer brings physical benefits, and also it will keep engaging with mother earth.

Fun on the Ground! Source:

The outdoors is an excellent location to hone one's social skills. Participating in activities helps us to connect and engage with new individuals. We may integrate and build a strong feeling of community by doing activities that relieve our stress with other people. We can be ourselves and feel like we exist. Every outdoor activity necessitates some level of physical endurance. Whether it's sports or just rambling around the park, these activities stimulate physical activity, which is beneficial to one's health. Getting some Vitamin D from the sun by going for a quick morning walk is a fantastic way to start the day. Simple games might help to improve physical swiftness and mechanize the body. Every outdoor activity necessitates some level of physical exertion. Whether or not it's People who participate in frequent outdoor activities are calmer while yet being active. Even in difficult situations, they react more quickly and are more productive also. People are becoming more conscious of environmental concerns as they continue to explore the scenic beauty and find the wonders of nature, and creates awareness. Being outside helps one to bring out their individuality and sense of Independence. Also improves communication when it comes to interaction with people we meet outside and upgrade our behavior and helps to gain habitat of sharing, caring, cooperating, and solving problems (Danae Lund, 2018). They figure out their frontiers and capability of doing a task. Exploring the outside world helps one to disconnect themselves from responsibilities and pressures of their work and going out tends to discover the new location and stimulates the spirit of adventure and diverts their eyes away from rate race. Teenagers' identity and self-esteem can be boosted through community activities. In a supportive atmosphere, they may learn to deal with obstacles, communicate with various people, and develop life skills. Thus, we can't go more than five minutes without checking our phones, tablets, or computers. 

Technology has made significant contributions to the advancement of our planet. However, in the race to automate everything, technology has gone from being beneficial to becoming oppressive at times. Reducing screen time and scheduling time outside “To Know” the world of optimism will develop and improve yourself and try to love being outdoors, love to spend time with the sun, and hanging out with chums will give pleasure and comfort. Having fun on the ground gives more comfort, keeps healthier, and will connect you to the outside world.


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