Image by Anthony Macchio from Pixabay 

Right from the moment of seeing the line on the pregnancy kit, he felt completely new and happy;

He held hands, kissed her, hugged her, lifted her in joy, with a smile along with a tear, and showered his love all over her,

The joy, the extreme joy added a new responsibility to him.

A few months later, he sees her suffering the pain she holds

He held her hands and kissed her then with joy now with guilt, a guilt of seeing the sufferings she undergoes,

He motivates her, supports her, stands by her but he breaks inside,fears inside;

Day by day, moment by moment;

From lab tests to the labour ward,he understands her physical and mental changes,her craving,her mood swings and a much more new happening of their life.

And finally when he holds the new birth all these in her belly now in his hand touching the tiny human,

The arrival of their love,the mixed emotional of her hope and miracle, the answer for all their prayers, breakdowns.

Every man also carries a lot more pain and responsibilities during pregnancy. 

.    .    .