Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

Why are we scared of you?

When you're supposed to be our father.

Why should we trust you?

If you supposedly hide yourself in everything that exists.

Why should we come to you for help?

If you're the one who's supposed to be testing us.

Why should we donate to you?

If you're the one who works in mysterious ways.

Why are specifically choreographed phrases the only way to pray to you?

If you supposedly hear every person's troubles.

Why is a well-to-do person who's keeping a fast, blessed by you?

And not the person who hasn't eaten for days.

Why does class, religion, race, caste or sex matter to enter your home?

If you're supposed to be equal to all.

Why in a place like India, the average rapes occurring per day is 77?

When girls are supposed to be the reincarnation of "Goddess Laxmi".

Well, you've got nothing to worry about as I'll not be waiting for your response to this letter for I know that you Sir Dear God, do not exist. Because if you did the world would've been a much better place to live in.

A world where I wouldn't be hurting any religious sentiments by the colour of the cloth I choose to wear or the type of thread I choose to wear around my neck or the type of head cover i choose to wear on my head or how i choose to wear these things or by choosing which of your supposed house to bow my head in.

A world where girls are safe all the time or are treated equally as men or where they are not shamed on for getting periods every month or where they are not blamed for giving birth to a girl or where they are not judged on how much skin she chose to show or where they are not married off at a young age or given away as a "gift" because she is a burden.

A world where live-in isnt a sin or where public affection is approved and not public rape or where the court of justice mattered more than the court of media or public or where criminals were punished rather than innocents or where it didn't take decades to clear of a single case or in a world where the court isn't blind.

A world where the rich helps the poor and not exploit them or a world where the poor isn't poor anymore or in a world where helping others selflessly is the norm.

A world where smiling is the new normal and depression is a thing of the past or even if it does exist it is taken seriously.

.     .     .