Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay 

You are a book that
I found unexpectedly,
Wished to learn about it
Want to keep it 
Tried to find a solution to your problems.
You opened up to me to make my work easy
Even though the pages were drenched in your tears.
It was our warmth that got them to dry out again.
You are a book that
Many have tried to read
Barely any has completed
But only I have understood.
You are a book that is
For my eyes only
Whenever I’m alone, I have you
To read, to understand, or to fall in love with.
I don’t like to read,
Everyone knows that
But I love to do it if it's you
Only you know that.
You're a book with over a 1000 pages
Most of them are hard to read
Yet you let me give it a try.
I promise I won't pry, not too much at least
Only as much as is needed
To find the path in which we succeed.
I'm a lawyer with a library full of books
Yet you're not one of them
Because you're not my collection
But you're my pride.
I don't showcase you to others
Or use you as I see fit
I care for you
The way I don't even for myself.
It's said that there is no friend as loyal as a book
I always disagreed with that
Until I found the book that is you
Always by my side through the highs and lows
You're an open book
But only to the people you choose
I'm no Harry Potter
But I am still the chosen one.
You may not be a bestseller
But I’d sell my everything just to get to you.
You may not be an editor’s choice
But you are my first and last choice
You may not be a romantic novel
But my heart still beats for you
You may not be the most popular book
But your name is all that I can utter
You may be a fiction novel
But you have always been my fantasy.
You are a book that
I'll carry on my shoulders
To carry you all of the ways
Because there's no life worth living in
If you're not with me in it.

.    .    .