Image by Michelle Garforth Venter from Pixabay 

To the animals, we should be kind;
For they never cause, any harm to mankind.
They are also a part of God’s creativity,
They are also a part of today’s huge diversity.

Some are playful and cheerful,
They make our lives more beautiful.
Some are truly wild,
But unless disturbed, they remain mild.

They provide us love and company,
In return, they want little space and harmony.
They even provide us with food,
But do we do them any good?

They have no choice,
They have no voice,
They are forced to work in a circus or farm,
Where every day they are caused harm.

These captive entertainers to us, look funny,
The researchers even tried makeup on the bunny
Every day we eat their eggs and meat,
Often we wear their skin on our back and feet.

Our brutal tortures have made them frail,
We even turn a deaf ear towards their wail.
We never try to understand their pain,
Because we only understand the word ‘gain’.

It’s now high time for us to understand,
And for these voiceless’, take a stand
Because if we save them we will later cherish them,
Or someday, we all will perish.

.    .    .