Festivals have always been a medium to showcase an opportunity to teach and invoke the essence of gratitude, love, and the purpose of human life. It’s a fact that human life is very precious and it can be beautiful if we work upon our own self to live as a good person. Navratri being one of the main festivals in our country has always tried to teach us various factors, thoughts, or phases we as an individual face in our life and it also teaches us to handle them with the help of our wisdom. Though there are many stories associated with Navratri, the essence of all the stories has a common factor and basic teaching to acknowledge the Divine Feminine Energy. As a matter of fact, the patriarchal society has deviated the meaning of Feminine Energy. 

The perverted mindset of our society has given a rise to all sorts of crime against women which includes rape, acid attack, molestation, torture for dowry, and exploitation in the workplace. But, we need to understand the basic fact that all the evil acts against women in our society are an outcome of a perverted mindset living within the society which thinks women to be an object to satisfy their sexual urge. Other aspect to it is that women are subject to all sorts of social obligations, which entangles them to follow all sorts of social norms. It’s time that we as a society need to understand and raise our consciousness to eliminate the root cause of the tendency of exploiting women to satisfy an unhealthy urge to satisfy the senses.

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